Monday, July 30, 2007


I weighed myself yesterday and am officially down 27 pounds! Holy freaking amazing! I've been working out like a madwoman and have discovered so many new things that have been working for me. I feel motivated and have perseverance. I think my success thus far(as I am not nowhere near my goal) is because I don't give a rat's ass about what anyone else may think about me. Some may expect, or want failure from me,but I am here to prove them wrong. I know what I want from myself and know I am worthy of those results.
It feels amazing!
F*en amazing I might add!
Off to do some abs.


Chunks said...

Congratulations Jenny! That is an incredible accomplishment! And to think of the health benefits you are gaining, it is worth your hard work.

Joy said...

That is SO COOL! Congrats - you go girl!

Devo said...

I know what you mean, people get comfortable with you the way you are and they can feel threatened or thrown off when you want to change it. What you are saying is truly the key to success. Good job! Now where's the damn scone recipe? ;)

Gwen said...

Awesome, Jenny. You are very inspiring!

Anita said...

YEEEEEAH BABY!!!!!! Congrats on the F*ing amazing achievement :) I swear next summer we're going to strutt our stuff in string bikinis ;) I'll get us matching ones... how does pink leather sound to you??? h'mmm maybe not leather... I'll think of something better :)
If you're into training for an adventure race check out my blog and let me know. I"d love to have you on the team! It sounds scary but its NOT! Just think about it ok!

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