Monday, July 02, 2007

June Pics

We ventured to Jaffray to surprise Ryan and Denise for their wedding reception. They were married the week prior in the mountains. It was an awesome trip. Very quick, but we enjoyed the time spent there.

Very good wine was served at the reception....
I drank a few glasses!!

The carrot cake was superb as well!

We reserved this table thinking it would be in the shade...picked the wrong table!

Some of the table decorations!

They decorated in a rustic meets elegance decor!

My sister in law and brother in law. I met Steve for the first time this trip.
Awesome couple!

Scott's dad and our boys.

Scott and his dad the night before the reception.

A photo op after the dinner...
Scott's mom and the girls...

and the boys shortly after.

My SIL, Scott's cousin and myself

The handsome men...

Our crew

The newest married couple...Jenn and Andy!
They just got married on Saturday in Terrace!

Like I mentioned it was a quick trip. Other than some short tempers, some bouts of dehydration(apparently I pee too much if I drink I opted to be dehydrated rather than pissing off me man...good dutiful wife that I am), we managed fine. We drove the 17 hour trip back in one day on the way home. Surprisingly we weren't too tired.
Anyhow this is a quick post...I have to go and put some of the clothes away and get my recyclables organized for tomorrow.
Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the summer. Next month I am off to Edmonton and S'toon...looking forward to that trip. I'm gonna shop, shop shop!!!(no hubby around!!!)
Take care, and I'll update soon!


Crystal said...

I'm still upset I won't be able to see you......but I know you will have a great trip.....I loved the pictures!

Gwen said...

Looks like you had a blast! Welcome home!

Chunks said...

Great snaps!!!

Scott and his brothers look just like his dad! Wild!

I love that whole rustic theme! WOW!!! I could have a field day if Marci were ever swayed to have that kind of wedding.... :)

I know a lady who developed a blood clot in her leg from not stopping enough while driving. No kidding. You have to stop for pee breaks, tell Scott I said so!

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