Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Judge Not...

Just got back from a power walk. Man that is exactly what I needed. Tomorrow I am venturing on my own bright and early for the bridges. My lovely Joni, the bestest ever, can't make it, so I will do it on my own...any takers?
Today I felt majorly run down. I also was annoyed. Not sure at what. This is the conversation that actually took place between me and my darling husband.
Setting: Scott had just come in from fishing in Kitimat and had bought us two piping hot large Timmies.
Scene: I decided that my coffee would be better accompanied by 3 oreo cookies.
Scott: Do you really need those oreos?
Me: Are you saying I don't?
Scott: Well...you told me to keep you in line with your sweet tooth?
Me: Did I?....I seemed to forget that conversation. Have you become Richardf*enSimmons?
Scott: I'm just telling you what you told me to tell you?
Me: Fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I threw the cookies across the room and they splattered against the fireplace.
I stomped up the stairs and Scott came running after me.
As soon as he came in the bedroom we looked at each other and started to laugh...
Scott: So you don't want me to keep you in line then?
Not sure what that was about. I don't even know if I should be admitting that scene. Yikes...I feel much better now. The strange thing is I'm not a thrower. Ever since I bagged Scott with the strawberry(years ago) I don't throw things. Actually come to think about it the only things I do throw is food...strange!!
I think I needed some fresh air.
Please don't judge me by my outbreak!!
Anyhow...nothing else is blogworthy.
I'm off to shower and freshen up and cuddle next to my very own Richard Simmons.
Hope there were no other tantrums in the land of blog.
Good night!


Crystal said...

Oh Jenny......you are so funny! I have done the very same thing to my hubby! Poor guy was just trying to help and I just cut his head off with my ugly look!......trust me it's an acquired skill passed down from generations of women in my family!
Don't feel bad.......I would have done the same thing especially for an oreo.....LOL!

Gwen said...

LOL! Mr Gwen now knows better than to make ANY comment at all, whether I'm eating carrot sticks or ice cream. It only takes one huge hissy fit to put the fear of God into them!

I LOVE it that you threw the Oreos.

Charlene said...

So funny!!! Adam and I have been working on putting together stuff for the basement. It has actually gone quite well as long as I don't ask him how he is or how things are coming. I was helping him last night and he made some crappy comment and I said, "for the first time in my life I think I could punch you in the head!" He laughed and then shaped up but seriously!!! hahaha Guys are so funny,I feel for Scott, but he needs to know the dangers of keeping you in line! :)

Chunks said...

I wish you could see my face right now because it is laughing so hard the tears are stinging!

It's my PMS time...is it yours too?

paleraven50 said...

hey jenny i think most of us females have been there at one time or another, how old are you no seriously it has a lot to do with it. you want to know what would send me over the edge big time all mike would have to do if i said something that was out of sorts or whatever is he would look at the calendar where i would keep track of my per. as i called it on the calendar and he would say oh yea thats what i thought. omg most times it would send me in to tears, i never broke anything oh yea i'm lying i smashed a mug into the sink made for easier clean up. but now i'm on the way down or up whatever you want to call it menopause its been pretty good so far. last summer was awful but hey i take each day at a time. so Jenny there is light at the end of the tunnel, sorry for rambling and i did have a chuckle at your oreo toss!! Have a good walk, we are starting a walking group tomorrow monique miller(goffinet) is starting it and my team leader is tasha so will see how i do. take care ttyl

Janelle said...

um...did i write this post?? cause that happens to me ALL the time!! i tell him i want to lose weight and i cry about how massive my tummy is - and then 5 seconds later i'm searching for the ice cream!! and then he says those exact words to me, and i flip out on him, and then end up eating more!!!
haha, at least i am NOT alone!!!! you know what Jenny - this is EXACTLY what i needed! someone who is honest about the struggles (yet funny times) of being overweight. i was at the beach this week with WAY too many skinny people in bikinis...and now because of your post, i can get back to feeling "normal"!! :)
love ya!!

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