Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Quick update:
~My BIL and his family are visiting us. It's been a really awesome visit. We get to spend time with the cutest 22 month old year old ever! Total heartbreaker!
~Scott and his bro floated down on the Kitimat today(figured it out Pen...phewf!)and both got their fish. Beauties!! Will post pics in the next few days!
~Tomorrow they are heading out on the ocean for the day. I'm looking forward to prawns, crabs and halibut! Man...can life get any better??
~Something is puzzling me these days...won't say anymore....let's just say I'm puzzled...
~Lost another 1.5 well!! I haven't been able to exercise this past week(although we did go for a hike into a fishing spot and went for 2 walks this week)so I'm absofrigginlutely psyched!! Life is good!
~Oh looks like I'm down to the final 2 months to get these suckers off of my teeth!!! Holy Freaking Excited Batman!!! Counting down the days...the hours...the minutes!
~How was the Harry Potter Movie Ms. Bletherer?
~Is anyone else wondering where the summer is going? I have never had such a busy summer than this one. It's almost August? When did that happen?
~Too tired to write anything else. Will update after the weekend when our family leaves.
~Missing my workout bud like mad....Joni!! Shoutout to my homies...Shari, Pen, Lucy, Gwen....need some updates...
Hope all is well!
Will update in a couple of days.


Lucy said...

Hey hun!
I cant wait to get together, its been too long.
Megan is available for you on the Friday, no problem, you can tell me dates and times later.
Talk to you soon!

Scribble said...

Hey Jen, thanks for stopping by the old blog....
Gosh family in from out of town sounds too good.
Have a great time!

Crystal said...

Finally we hear from you....I was puzzled as to your absense...LOL!
It sounds like you are having a great summer! Looking forward to some of those pictures.

Pen said...

hey hey!!

I will be updating tonight as I finally have a computer again!! Congrats to Scott and his bro on the fish and to getting it figured!

ttyl, thanks for the update,
xo Pen

Chunks said...

Glad to hear you're still alive and kickin'! Congrats on the braces!! When Murphy got hers off, she smiled non-stop!

Do y'all have a boat? How does Scott go on the ocean? (Is that dumb of me to ask?)

Gwen said...

Hi Jenny! HP movie was great, we've been talking about it on my sister's blog.

Let's have coffee or go for a walk soon!

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