Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fishing Pics...

We packed up the boys last weekend and headed
for an evening fish to the luck but had an
enjoyable evening.

Scott usually spends most of the time setting up
the tackle for us...thanks baby!

Gavin has discovered the joy of fishing...he's a crazy
caster...has almost taken out some eyes along the way!

I had such an enjoyable time watching the sky...
it was amazing that evening. My photo does
no justice...(again what's with the underlining???)

Earlier on in the week the boys went trout fishing
with Scott. They caught a couple of small trout but
didn't keep any.

This week Scott and his brother went a couple of
times drifting down the Kitimat river...they had 2 successful

Nice Catch Babe!

Same fish, different pose!

Different fish from Day 2.

Ryan's fish of the day!

Earlier in the week we took the fam damily to
the fish was an amazing day...we got
skunked...almost...I got a very small pink...would share
the pic,but it's not very flattering!!
I can't believe how busy the river is...growing up
we could fish without wall to wall people!

Here's my bro-in law fishing. Thought this pic was
cool. Love his bear track tattoos. He's a guide outfitter.

Friday night we ventured to the power lines for the
whole day. Got skunked again. Had fun though. My mom
catered an amazing dinner of baked salmon, rice pilaf, sweet potatoes
and salad and delivered it to us on the river. It was AMAZING!!

Seamus is contemplating life in this pic!

It has been an amazing summer so far! Looking forward to what the rest of the summer will bring. In all honesty, I don't think it can get much better.
I'm off to have a cup of tea and read my, not Harry Potter(have to wait for the family, Damstrom rules) but the Romanov Prophecy.
Hope you're all enjoying the summer to the fullest!!
Bon Soir!


Pen said...

Love the pics and those fish are beautiful!! It is sooo crazy here on the Kitimat this year. With the Skeena not really being in great shape we've been inundated with those foolish fishermen! Being a fishing widow is almost over but then i'm a hockey widow, lol.


Jenny said...

Scott mentioned something about going out on some hunts this year...oy...
then there's hockey...
Let's plan a bbq. Miss seeing your smiling blue eyes!
I'll talk to you later.
I'm coming into Kitimat sometime this week...will let you know. My schedule isn't as hectic anymore!!
The 3 of us(and kids) should do lunch!

Gwen said...

These pics made me want to call in sick today and head out to the great outdoors. I'm glad you're having a great summer!

Devo said...

It is truly an enviable lifestyle, living where you do. Once when you put in something about Kitimat, I looked it up and saw sort of where you are, and the website was interesting and I said to my hubby, "We need to live somewhere like this!" It is so lovely, and we would all enjoy the opportunity to fish regularly like that. Glad you're having a great summer, we are melting in a crazy heatwave here.

Chunks said...

Jenny, you have such a good eye. Your pictures always blow my mind! Tell me you scrapbook!

Adam said...

Nice fish!!! I can't wait to get out fishing with you guys some time. Perhaps Coho season? The Lakelese River had always been my favorite for Coho.

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