Sunday, May 13, 2007


My Josey always gives me a chuckle throughout the day. Today I was trying to encourage him to drink more water.(health issue) He is the only one of my 3 boys that I have to force to drink water. The other two would rather drink water.
"Jose, you have to drink all of this water!"I said while handing him a big gulp filled with H20.
"But grosses me out!"he sighed.
"Grosses you out?" I asked.
"Yah!"and then he shivered.
"Why?"I asked.
"My teacher says the water is thousands of years old,"he explained,"and I've always thought it tasted stale!"he answered.
"The actual water you are drinking isn't stale thousand year old water!"I explained, "she just means that water has been on earth for many, many, many years."
"Oh okay...that makes me feel better!"he said.
I had the biggest chuckle over this little insight. Poor guy. Glad I could clarify this for him!!
I had a wonderful weekend. I feel rejuvenated by surrounding myself with good company. (Even if some of it was work related!LOL Jenn!!) So thanks for the company my friends!!! It was a fun weekend, from start(Friday night) to finish!
Scott had to work this weekend. It kind of sucked not having my usual "suck up to Mama-day and treat her like the Queen Mama she is";nevertheless, I had a great day(he slept all day and then had to go to work). He did go out of his way to spoil me. I ended up getting some wonderful gifts from my family. Gavin gave me a flower he picked himself at preschool, Josey gave me a card and a marigold, Seamus gave me a paper flower and a homemade pussy willow(made out of jelly beans) and they all gave me a hand held massager and a salt and pepper shaker that I have been eying. Okay I admit I am a dork. I will be the first to call myself one and have no pretensions of trying to be cool. I was so ecstatic with this salt and pepper shaker, it perfectly matches my knife block. The pepper shaker sits neatly inside of the salt shaker. is good.

Don't you just love the bag that had some gifts from my mom!(Stay
tuned to see what you can do with a gift bag! My version of Style on a dime!)

I am just in my glory to no end at how perfectly the shapes of my knife block
and s/p shaker go together....

My mom got me some placemats, a candle, some tea towels and a new flipper and soup ladle. I equally was impressed with the placemats. A gal can never have too many placemats!!!
So I will do a shout out: Thank you to the best family ever! Thanks to my friends, both old and new!(Even if I didn't get a chance to spend time with you all this weekend I thought of how you all bless me and encourage me...Thank You All!!) My heart just smiles knowing that I am surrounded by the best people ever!!!
Here's another shout out: I am a Dork hear me Roar!!
Oh yeah...I got to have the best piece of strawberry cheesecake today!!! Instant gratification!! Mmmm...gotta love cheesecake! I better start walking the bridges every night this week!!!
Anyhow, nothing else is new or exciting. We got the gravel for our driveway and we are forever in debt to Jenn and Andy for going WAY out of their way in helping us with the grunt labour!! Take Scott whenever you need him and put him to work!!!
Besides that nothing else is new or exciting.
Hope you all had a weekend filled with all good things!!!
Good night!

Had to share this pic of Josey again.
(didn't upload the new hair do pic...will do this week!)

Do you like my new do?

I seriously cannot believe this is my first baby boy!!!
Time flies...enjoy the moments!! these ones. When you're tired, fall asleep wherever
you may be sitting on(a hard wooden bench) and never
for one moment let go of an action figure!!

A new baby with the family Jewels!

Shari, Dug and their newest baby.

A daddy's pride

and joys.....


joni said...

thanks Jenny ,,,i love following bits of your life...

hey did your boys tell you?? i sent a mothers day out to the neighbor hood yesterday..hehe(oh yea that was an evilish laugh)

i will lay down a great hint...was it rather quiet at 4:00AM this morning? actually hehe its quite QUIET 8:42AM *smile*

the deed is dOne.

Jenny said...

Oh Joni(LOL) you evil, loving friend of mine!!!
I didn't even notice til you said!!!
Did you have chicken burgers last night??LOL

Sharijoy said...

lovedb that you came in for brunch...we need to plan this more often!!! thanks for the card too!!! you are so amazing and it is I who is thankful for you!!!

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