Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm In Vancouver

Well according to my virtual walk across Canada I have just made the Ferry trip over to Vancouver...Yee Haw.
Lots to see in this great city, so I'm off. Grab your pedometers and come join me!!


Nin said...

huh? you need to elaberate a bit. Are you tracking all the walking you're doing or something? Or are you really in BC??? I'm lost!

Jenny said...

Yes I'm tracking my walking with a pedometer and recording my steps on speakwell.com. This site lets you watch your progress by letting you see how far you've virtually walked.
BTW...I am in BC...just the northern part!
Have a great day!!

Pen said...

Congrats Jenny...YOU ROCK!!! Guess i'll pull the ole pedometer out of the bathroom drawer and put it on, lol. Got lots of walking to do to catch up with you.

xo Pen

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