Wednesday, May 23, 2007


In 19 days (since the 3rd of May) I've walked I'm averaging 5.89 kms a day. Not too bad...
I've taken 140,469 steps and only have 657 km til my next destination of Nelson BC, which equates to approximately 821,250 steps.
Ughh...feeling slighlty overwhelmed.
I'm off feet are slightly tired....
Good night!


Nin said...

loved your pics from your long weekend. Looks like the weather treated you a little better than it did us!
Good job! on all the walking! Where do you walk? When do you do it? How long, do you do a warm up and cool down? The reason behind all the questions is I've been walking lots too, and have even tried jogging the last couple of times!!! (which is a huge deal for me). So I'm just wondering what you're doing, maybe I wanna do it that way too! :) Super good job tho, keep it up!!!!!
Be blessed today.

Gwen said...

5.89km/day? That's a LOT. You go, girl.

Pen said...

Way to Go Jenny!! You are hoofin' it and every step you go you get that much closer to your goal.
xo Pen

Christy said...

That is awsome! We have been walking Millinium trail everyday this week. We have decided its about time we got in shape!

Jenny said...

Christy, that is awesome. Scott has been walking with me in the evenings when he is off. I love it. We saw you guys parked there yesterday after we picked Gav up from preschool.
Nin, I try and do my one big walk during the week(not sure how long...Joni??) I walk with my faithful companion Joni on this and it is so much fun for us.
During the week I am walking the little loop around my house which is just 2km. Its a quick little walk but I try and do a power walk so it is really quick.
I stretch a little before each walk, but stretch majorly afterwards.
With my little walk I do little jogging spurts.(trust me nothing any average joe couldn't do!) This really gets the heart pounding and I feel am maximizing on my workout.

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