Saturday, May 26, 2007


Setting: a wet and crowded soccer field. Confusion is everywhere.
Scene: A grampa walking towards his grandson and grandson's friend. He is walking alongside his youngest grandson.

Jonas:(whispering to his friend)"Here comes my grampa."(He raises his eyebrow and then quickly looks over his shoulder)"He might seem scary. Don't be afraid... He'll probably try to rip your ear off!"
Jonas' friend: "gulp..."(as he shrinks and lowers his head)
This was the exact conversation I overhead my 7 year old telling his friend.
Of course it made my dad and mom laugh(when I repeated it to them), but honestly what is said to each other when adults aren't around????
Setting: outside on the deck of a middle aged family
Scene: A husband telling his wife that she does have a say in certain things.

Scott: (grabbing the plants and laying them on the lawn)"Yeah babe, just tell me where you want me to plant these..."
Jenny: "I'd like the hydrangeas in the middle section that I have dug out..."
Scott: "Well actually hun...I think the hydrangeas should go in the corner area of the garden. I think the hostases should be planted in the front little garden, and the begonias should be put in the middle."
Jenny: "Umm...okay? I thought you asked my opinion?"
Scott: "...oh and I've moved the hanging King Coleus planter from the side door to the front looks better!"

The reality: Wife has no say...



Joy said...

Hilarious! I've got one just like him! ;)

Gwen said...

Overheard in the car this morning: "My daddy gets to do whatever he wants all the time. My mommy has to do all the work."

Chunks said...

Repeat after me...

"I wear the pants in this family and if you want to get into them, you'll do as I say."

End of Chunks' Bitch Lesson #54.

Crystal said...

I loved all your pictures.....the scenery around you is so are hilarious when they are in a group....I remember listening to my son & his friend talking in the back seat of the car once and my sons friend said quite seriously "A bee flew into my mouth and made some honey last week"... we all burst out say the darnedest things.

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