Thursday, May 17, 2007


Today I read something that brought me to the subject of being an authentic person. Being true to who we are, accepting our own actions and the consequences our actions brings is a hard task to follow. We aren't perfect people, I am far from perfect.(and seem to be constantly reminded of this)I think being a real person is the best way to be. Cut the phoney baloney crap.
Here is an article I was reading about being an authentic person:
Below is a list of some of feelings that comprise a syndrome of inauthenticity—which occurs when our inner needs, values, and self-image don’t match our outer expression, behaviors, and accomplishments—and some major characteristics of an authentic person.
Inauthentic Self
~Feels anxious

~Is a people-pleaser
~Second guesses every decision
~Is rigid
~Wants to impress others
~Says or does things he regrets
~Doesn’t expect much
~Placates Hides or denies feelings
~Feels like a victim
~Is paralyzed or hyperactive
~Uses addictive behavior
~Feels confused and overwhelmed
~Feels helpless or hopeless
~Is depressed or angry
~Gets trapped in endless mind chatter
Authentic Self
~Feels optimistic

~Is honest and open
~Commits but is flexible
~Thinks for himself
~Goes with the flow, open to change
~Wants to do her best
~Knows when to apologize
~Knows how to accept and receive
~Listens to feelings
~Takes responsibility
~Acts when appropriate
~Makes healthy choices
~Knows when to stop and reevaluate
~Knows how to ask for help
~Feels happy a lot of the time
~Is tuned into a larger field of intelligence
Challenging Situations
It’s easy to assume that once you learn the secret of authenticity, you are going to be confident, balanced, wise, and resourceful all the time! However, some situations carry more stress, which may cause us to regress into old patterns. Think of the times you have attended cocktail parties, business meetings, job interviews, high school reunions, and blind dates. These are the Authenticity Olympics for most of us!! Begin to notice with which friends you feel more yourself—more authentic. You may feel more comfortable in small gatherings--or oddly enough, meeting a stranger on a plane where you find yourself spilling out feelings you haven’t shared even with family members. It’s easier to be authentic when your identity is secondary to other actions, like chatting with the owner of an adorable and friendly dog. A good sign that you are feeling authentic is when you feel expanded and relaxed. Feeling hemmed in or contracted is a sign that you are shutting down and not being as present as you could be.

It really is a task to live up to being authentic. And no I am not tooting my holier than Authentic horn. I'm merely saying that I try to be real. I've reached the point in my life that I am me, if you don't like me, well too bad for you. Just be kind about it and keep it nice...

So that's my rant for the day. Not really a rant, but thought this was some useful information worth sharing!!
Hope you are all enjoying the beauty of this spring day!!


joni said...

good one Jenny...although..i am rereading those lists again...hehe cus i can't decide if i am authenticity ..or not...heck i cant even say that word... hehe

when we walking again?

Jenny said...

Yeah it really depends on the day for me!LOL...
Big walk or little? I want to do the big walk again this weekend in the morning sometime. Scott works tonight and I have Aunt Flow visiting and she's a pain in the I'll just do the elliptical tonight.
BTW, I think you're authentic. You're real baby!!

Devo said...

Great post Jenny! I often think about this and how I respond in various situations and how the older I get, the more comfortable I am with myself. This is the reason I would NEVER wish to be young again. Have a great weekend!!

Gwen said...

^ ^ ^ I totally agree with Devo! I can't understand why anyone would want to be 16 again. I am more comfortable in my own skin that I ever have been before. I've certainly not arrived, though... this post was a bit challenging for me. I think I'm about 50% authentic!

Jenny said...

I agree with all the comments! I struggle with a few of the listed items.
I think the key may be being aware of our struggles...isn't that being real?
Anyhow hope you are all having a great start to the weekend!!!

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