Friday, April 06, 2007

Poker Stars

I was just playing on my computer a couple of games of Texas Hold 'Em and Scott is in the living room playing Texas Hold 'Em on the Game Cube. He came in to check my progress and then said,"I better get going back to my game,"
and then it clicked, "hun we do own a deck of cards...we could be playing against each other!"
We laughed and quickly got back to our own seperate games.
Insanity at its best!!
~Ciao, Jenny


Chunks said...

Your house sounds like my house. We are all online all doing something else. Peace.

joni said...

hahaha ok girls i live with a techy...soo how many pcs do we own?? ther are 5 of us...yeah, plus well one has a friend over what will they do?? and of course there is that extra one for some game thing?? (never even wanted to ask about that one...)yikes we even mns each other!!!!!

Crystal said...

You guys are so husband and I are like that too...two separate computers playing the same must be love!

Charlene said...

I wonder how you would measure up top some real poker stars???!!! You should play us one day! Wouldn't that be great. First, teach us the game, then we will play. Then we shall be stars!!! On a side note, we own Texas Hold'em but have only played it once... and LOVED it, accept, we played with the extended family which is very dangerous!

Christy said...

Hey jenny! Just stopping by to say hi and to let you know I am looking forward to your girl party this week!!

Jenny said...

Yeah I am so looking forward to some good ol' fashioned girl time!!

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