Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Letter F

Gav and I were just watching Sesame Street. Cookie Monster came on and showed the letter of the day "f". I said to Gavin, "today's letter of the day is F".
"Oh yeah."he replied.
"F makes a 'fuh-fuh" sound" I said.
"Yeah I know mommy."he replied.
Can you make that sound?" I asked.
"Yeah..."he said between bites of his toast and jam, "Fuh, fuh"
"Oh you said that right!"I replied. (side note: he says his "w's for l' love is wuv". I'm trying to make sure he's pronounces his letters properly)
"Fuh-Fuh FUCK" he said.
"Gavin you don't say that!" I said.
"I know mommy. Only daddy says that when he's weally mad with sumpun(something). I don't say that though!"he said apologetically.
So needless to say I need to have another talk with DH about language. Oy....
Anyhow I have to go and put laundry away.


Jenn said...

Caiden said something similar the other day....Andy and him were in the car going for a drive and caiden said Fuck you daddy out of the blue...Andy has since realized that he needs to watch his mouth. I am kinda happy it happened because now Andy is watching his mouth rather than me naggin him. It was a good wake up call.

joni said...

haha rhymes are always crazy one point we just banned it..hahaha but then ever so often i lift the band and start the rhyming games!
chuck luck duck...yea so many words just make a muck.
ps jenny/jenn cant wait till tomorrow night!!
ps Jenny dont let Jenn cancel!

Gwen said...

That's great! Nothing like hearing your own words coming out of your kid's mouth. Hello, wake up call!

Joy said...

Oh, that's too funny! Daddy's been BUSTED! :)

Nin said...

yikes :{
by the way, watched the Cyndi Lauper video, thanks for posting that, I have always loved her : )

Connie said...

i'm glad my homes daddy is not the only daddy with a fowl mouth! ha ha! very funny!

Crystal said...

That is a cute story.....I know we had a similar talk in our home...not necessarily because of the Daddy but because their friends taught them the word and they thought it would be cool to try it out at home....LOL!
I was doing laundry today's such a tedious job huh?

Pen said...

Love those stories and sometimes is truly a blessing in disguise with getting the guys to clean up their vocab.

*this coming from a woman who can have serious trucker mouth :O *


Janelle said...

i have been getting in so much trouble from Kamryn lately...for using words like Stupid or Oh Crap. "Mommy, you said Oh Crap! Bad word Mommy!!"...
seriously - it's not only the actually BAD words that they catch on too! it's driving me crazy! haha...

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