Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Me Time

Doing Chunks' questionnaire got me to think(yeah you probably could smell the wood burning...)about certain aspects of my life. I think I have mentioned that one of the things I struggle with is finding time for me. It seems this is always sort of a compromise.(I'm sure this is a common struggle with most moms). My time away from the house is usually running to the grocery store and grabbing a quick coffee thru the drive thru. I also know that I need to exercise so lately this has been my focus. Then I have moments(like today) where I feel like I am not living my life to its potential. I love to read, yet I haven't read a book in months. I love to be creative, yet I can't remember the last time I painted a flower pot, did a scrap book page, wrote a short story or just sat outside on my step and smelled the fresh air, the new grass and the smell of spring.
It is hard though. During the day I am running around trying to accomplish the goals I have set up for myself in the day.(I really don't know how moms who work outside of the home do it...kudos to you all!!!) On my to do list I never have a "Jen time". I know that I need to manage my time better. My needs are always at the bottom of the list.
So I will try and take some real "me" time for myself tomorrow. I'm going to go peruse our bookshelves and find myself a good book to read. I'll let you know what I picked.
I hope you all are taking some "you" time.


Christy said...

I completly understand Jenny! It's important for us to take time for ourselves but it doesn't always happen eh? I hope you find a good book today and enjoy that time!

Chunks said...

Me time is critical for moms. CRITICAL! This seems to take us a long time to learn though, don't ask me why! I'm glad you've decided to do this for yourself. Kudos.

Gwen said...

I remember my mom saying (when my kids were tiny), "Nobody ever looks back on their life and wishes they had spent more time vaccuming."

I know exactly what you mean, I've been having a hard time lately too! But I really do think that "me" time, marriage time and just plain "down time" is really, really important. Good for you!

joni said...

oh the balance of our here...
i believe it has a lot to do with 'seasons' ...last year i had less 'time' than this year ...the year before that even less...sigh... my family is older of course, and i think that is key for 'me time'...i love what Gwen said ..."nobody ever looks back and wishes they did more vacuuming...or dishes...or or or.." yeah...And i could spend more time cleaning thats for sure...but i would rather be going for a walk or bloggin or or...i pick more me/wants...and as long as there are clean undee's & socks ...who cares about the toilet!! haha..i encourage you to keep at getting "your time" ...and it will grow...or you will be content in smallish ones...its when its wayyy over due...then we have a burn-out MOMMA who doesn't give a rip about ginch!!~~~ yeah been there~~~ anyways Jenny i hope you get some alone time..some fresh Momma are such a lovin wife and one sweet momma...blessings on you friend.

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