Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cruel Mommy?

Forgot to share this.
Gavin has a little "beauty mark" on his tummy. It looks like a chocolate chip and we've called it a chocolate chip since he's been born. We used to be able to say, "we're going to lick off your chocolate chip"(aren't parents stupid?) and he'd say "NOOO!!" and then get huffy.
Lately he's been getting too old for this. The other day, Gavin was sitting on the couch with Scott chatting his daddy's ear off, and I felt an opportunity to cause mischief.
I ran upstairs to my bathroom and dipped my baby finger into my foundation and slowly sauntered back downstairs.(aren't I such a brainiac??)
I said to Gavin, "Gav come to mommy. I want to see your chocolate chip."
He came over and lifted his t-shirt and said, "see mommy there it is."
"Can I take it to use in my chocolate chip cookies?"I asked.
"Nooo, you can't take off my chocolate chip. It doesn't come off!"he said.
"I can take it off."
I said, "close your eyes" and I rubbed his chocolate chip and put the foundation over it.
"Open sesame, I have your chocolate chip for some Gavinized cookies!"I said.
"Nooo..."he started...then he realized his chocolate chip was gone.
"You took my chocolate chip!!"he began to cry and it was the cutest, big alligator tears streaming down his face.
Scott was trying really hard not to laugh.
"Okay mommy will put it back!"I said. I nonchalantly licked my finger and rubbed the foundation off.
"See..there it is!"I said.
He sighed,"Oh Mommy You is the best!"with a lone tear still streaming down his face.
Am I warped?

Mamaliscious does not promote the taunting or humiliating of children. Moments like the one described above are few and far between, and she feels will not adversely affect their characters or self worth. She was teased like this as a child(only it was taking the nose)and she turned out fine...(or did she??)


Nin said...

lol....thats awesome. I love the disclaimer.
By the way, I HATE HATE HATE laundry too, and I HATE HATE HATE putting it away. What usually ends up happening is it sits in the basket forever, then dirty clothes end up going into the basket, then I end up washing some clean clothes....cuz I don't know what's dirty and whats not. Sheesh....
Oh yeah, and I'm totally going to try the Nin "needs" thing. That looks fun : )
(incase you didn't know, I cancelled my facebook...was spending too much time on the computer, so I quit. But I'm glad our poking war is done. Truce?)

Chunks said...

I LOVE IT!!! What brilliance! I've tortured my children since birth and they love it! That is so cute about the chocolate chip. Too bad you didn't have an extra one in your hand you could have eaten. THAT would have been classic! LOL!

Devo said...

That is hilarious! I love it, he just sounds cute enough to eat, that little guy! Devo

Gwen said...

That's excellent! I bet he'll remember that when he's older. (Though he probably won't be lying on a couch when he recalls it, don't worry!)

joni said...

hahaha good one for sure...
(so thats what all the screaming was about yesterday!!hahahah)

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