Thursday, March 01, 2007

Up In Smoke

Thursdays generally are busy days for me. It's the end of the school week. I seem to have some running around to do. We always have an extra person at our house. Today was no exception.
Except Scott slept in this morning. He woke up at 4:00 am this morning and was running around like a madman. He had missed his ride. So that meant he had to take our one and only vehicle...
This is usually not a big deal but it caused me immediate stress. I was making lasagna for a friend and her family tonight...but the lasagna was still sitting in the freezer at M&M's.
I phoned Scott in the morning at work and he assured me he would make it home before 5 pm. I knew my lasagna plan was shot(sorry guys),but knew that I could still provide them with something just as tasty.(but not as fancy!)
When Scott came home I was in panic mode. I had 28 minutes to go downtown, grab the food, and deliver it. Furthermore, Scott was trying to do something with the MP3 player and was getting testy with me,because I couldn't help him with it.
So off I left...a woman on a mission.
I made it to Safeway and got what I needed. I was making awesome headway. I knew that the tacos I was planning to make at home would have to wait until I got home,but it isn't a problem to eat a little later than normal. I delivered the meal and knew I was way ahead of schedule.
So I decided to head back downtown to grab some milk and some odds 'n ends.
I was driving over the bridge and the van was starting to shake. It was was jerking along the road. I kind of thought it was my imagination.
Just to play it on the safe side I turned off my music(I think better when it's quiet) and started to pay attention to the vehicle. It was jerking.
Oh boy.
By this time I was at the overpass and thought I would just do a quick jaunt to Save On. The van jerked along. People were kind of giving me looks. I was driving by the theater and I started to smell smoke.
"I bet a building is on fire"I said to myself.
I drove into the parking lot and got out of the van.
"Boy that smell is really bad here?"I said...and looked around.
I was going to walk away when I noticed that smoke was coming up out of my tire.
Quickly I ran to the passenger side and sure enough the wheel was up in smoke.
I ran to the other side and started to panic.
I grabbed the cell phone and phoned Scott.
"Hello..."he answered.
"The van's on fire!"I yelled.
"What????" he cried.
"The wheel's smoking bad hun! It actually doesn't look like a fire!"I said. "What should I do?"
"Is it coming from the engine?"he asked.
"No...just the one wheel!" I answered.
"Call a tow truck..."he said.
"'re probably right."I answered.
But being the brainiac that I am I decided that I didn't want to waste my visit to Save On More. I decided to get some of my shopping done.
When I finished the shopping I came out and the wheel was cool. I thought it was probably safe to make it home. We have a automotive shop directly across from our house.
So off I went. All seemed to be going good. The wheel was smoking,but I was jerking. Not big jerks, but little itsy bitsy jerks. If I would have had some rap music blaring I would have looked like those cars you see in the city with the back end jacked up and the back end just rocking up and down. Mamaliscious' van had gone rapaliscious!!
I drove like this all the way. People driving in the other lane were kind of giving me the ol' "hey lady do ya know you're doing the gangsta rap with your minivan?" kind of look. They looked shocked and scared.
I made it home...barely. I drove into our mechanics yard but he wasn't home,so I went to our house.
Scott came outside and I told him to take the van for a drive. He took it down the road and I started to laugh at our silver van doing the funky monkey down the road. It looked kind of funny, but at the same freaked me out! What was wrong with our van???
So Scott returned and we both decided we had a problem.
Scott figured out it was a brake problem. The wheel was just smoking.
We went inside and we were sitting around and he said,"you didn't have the emergency brake on did you?"
"No...I never use the e brake."I replied.
But wait...
10 minutes later I said to Scott, "when I went up to bring the food up I might have put the e brake on...actually now that I think about it I am sure I put the e brake on!!"
So Scott and I went outside and he did a couple of pushes on the e brake release and decided to test it out. Sure enough I had forgotten to take off the e brake.
It makes sense why I was jerking and rocking down the road.
They certainly don't make them that good if you can drive down the highway with it on.
That was a bit of my day...
I won't share any more with you all!
Hope you had a great day!


Pen said...

hehehehe, thank you for that enormous burst of laughter Mamalicious gone Rapalicious!

You really should keep these little stories written down to pass on to the kids or for you to tell your Grandbabies.

Lucy said...

Im still pissing my pants from laughing so hard......BOw chicka bow

Jenn said...

Hey girl, I have done the same thing. And well don't laugh to hard...I have done it more than once. Just blame it on Scott. It is his fault your day started of so disorganized. I blame stuff on Andy all the time, then I don't feel so bad.

Anonymous said...

That's funny! I've done that sort of thing before, but without the smoke and jerking. Lord! Too funny!! Like the new look on the blog. Devo

Chunks said...

You should get your brakes checked now, you probably fried the brakepads! That was hilarious! Scott is going to take away your keys and give you a bus pass if you continue that kind of stuff! hahah!

Christy said...

You poor girl!! Our dinner was really good! Thank you so much! It means more to me now knowing the trouble you had to go through!!

Gwen said...

"Bow chicka bow wowwwwwwwwww..." That was funny! What a day, I wish I could have seen you lurching and belching smoke around Save On!

Carol said...

TOO FUNNY!!!! I laughed really hard because I've done that... but to my brother's car!!! He was parked behind my vehicle one time and I needed to run my daughter to a friend's place. It wasn't driving properly and it was smoking and I kept thinking.. "He should just get some work done on this vehicle or it's not going to last him!!!!!!"
Enjoyed the laugh! Have a great week-end.

Crystal said...

that is too funny...I did that once going through a drive through at Dairy Queen......I felt really stupid after but I laughed like crazy because if you don't laugh you have to cry.....I love your stories Jenny and I love the new templete.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

OH dear don't you just HATE it when shit like that happens.. stupid men.. stupid vans.. grrr

Janelle said...

i have done that SO many times! and i thought of you today, because i was driving, almost on the highway - and my car was basically just revving and i couldn't speed up! our battery had died yesterday and so i was worried, and considered not going on the highway - instead turing around to go to Rod's work & see what the heck was up.
at the last minute, i decided to look at my gauge and see if i was in OD or what...sure enough - i was BETWEEN gears. dumb. i switched it up, and it ran smoothly. dumb.

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