Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Truth, The Whole Truth..

Well me friends, I've been outed! identity on blogland has been revealed to who else but my PARENTS!!! Thankfully they are technologically challenged so I was able to set this blog up as Private before they realized that if you clicked on the sidebar there would be ARCHIVES.
Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing to hide from Ma and Pa,but I have always wanted this as MY Space to be as upfront and candid as I want to be. If I know my parents are reading this, I can't share all that I would normally share (and lately that hasn't been a lot, but I'll explain momentarily!)
My mom phoned this morning. I should have realized something was up,because I am the one to phone her every morning for no other reason than her calling plan doesn't start til after 6 pm.
"Hello!" I answered cheerfully.
" are you?" she asked in a pleasant but distracted voice.
"Pretty good...whatcha doin?"I asked.
"Nothing. Yah dad was at work yesterday and K* came over and typed something up on his computer and then said to dad "is this your daughter?" and dad said, "I don't have a daughter named mamaliscious!!!"(okay too funny!!) and K* said "no it's posted by Jenny". Then dad looked and sure enough it was written from you and had a picture of you."
Me: "gulp...(dead silence)"
"So K* sent the link to our email, but I can't find the link today. Were you responding to the video we sent you!"she asked.
"Oh a way. I just have a space set up for my ramblings."I said.
"A space? Why would you share your private stuff on the internet?"she said.
Quickly I ran to the computer and within 2.15 seconds I had the settings of my blog set up private again...phewf.
"Oh it's nothing mom. Don't worry. I'm not sharing too much info."I said.
"Oh okay."she said.
"Oh mom gotta run...I need to help Scott with something."I said.
"Okay! Talk to you later!"she said.
So I'm private and this time for good!
Lately I find that I am censoring what I am sharing online. I really don't have any dark truths to be revealed but it has been bothering me who is reading this. So I believe that me being outed on blogland is a blessing in disguise.
Here is a short list of my gripes that I have dealt with the past couple of months:
~trying to act above a "situation" when I would love to spill the beans sort of speak. Why should I act dignified when someone else hasn't respected me in any way shape or form? I have struggled with this a lot. My character has been questioned, shit on and disrespected yet I feel like I've just been a door mat to it all. So I have been questioning dignity and grace...
~which leads me to this other topic: ownership and accountability. We own our own lives. We make our own choices and the bottom line is WE are responsible for our own one else. We all falter, if we make a mistake...hey that's life we have to stop making excuses and accept responsibility for our actions.
Now on to my lighter and more recent gripes....:
~I had a major kinipfit last night. We had a plugged toilet..not just plugged, I'm talking friggin' solid plugged. Let me quickly digress...okay Ch-Ch-Charmin' should be changed to Cl-Cl-Cloggin'...because that's what Charmin toilet paper does with our toilets...clogs them up. I'm sure they make a nice cozy tp that feels like a big thick cloth to wipe your tooshie, but it's like flushing paper towels down the septic system...not a good idea...and mixed with little boys who use way to much tp...NOT AT ALL a good idea.
Where was I going with this??? Oh right...We were plunging and plunging and I lost it. I looked around our basement and had a realization that we are absolfrigginlutely disgusting dirty people!!! So I stomped off from the basement all the way to our bedroom and had my own little hissy fit!! I swear we live in Strom Hovel...I am struggling with everybody(NOT)doing their fair share around here. I can't seem to keep up.
~Scott and I have been on a sugar fest these past couple of nights. Not just a wee bit of're talking M&M's, fraps, skittles, ugghh...just typing all we have eaten makes me feel sick. My gripe with this is...he's not being a good influence. We both need to shape up and quit feasting!
~We went swimming yesterday with the boys (and I forgot my shirt at home...had to go shirtless under my button up sweater...yikes!!and had to go to the grocery store...double Yikes!!!)and I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Even though I am losing weight...things are still jiggling and wiggling in places they never jiggled or wiggled before! Depressing...pass me the M&M's... Sigh...Today I went to Walmart to buy an Auger(Cl-Cl-Cloggin') and I was walking down the aisle and thought..."phewf this thong is making me feel uncomfortable..."
Only I WASN'T wearing a thong. My butt must have maxed out on the square footage after all of this sugar and my undies were riding up my butt! It would have been more reassuring if that feeling was from a thong(yikes scary image!!!)but it was downright depressing!!! So my lack of willpower has been a problem with me this past week!!
Anyhow I could keep adding to this list, but I have some hungry boys waiting to be fed!
Hope all is well!
It felt good to vent!!!


Gwen said...

Jenny I haven't laughed so hard for days. My eyes actually have tears in them from laughing so hard, and I'm doing the nostril flare. I can just imagine your parents reading this post, hilarious!

Christy said...

Charmin is awful tp. I like to use alot of tp and Charmin is one tp that I cannot use alot of. So we no longer buy it and we are back to using plain old purex!

Nice to see you last night!!

Chunks said...

Charmin is the worst! Buy the Scott Brand at Costco. It never clogs and if you buy it in bulk like that, it lasts for months!

You should move your whole blog. Seriously. Just change it. There is nothing worse than people finding it that you don't want reading it! Who is this K fellow? He needs a smack!

Crystal said...

Hey girl...I know how you feel...I don't like it that my Mom is reading my blog but I am still really honest about my life and the stuff in it....
Your stories always crack me up!
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I am so down with the whole Charmin thing, it clogs the toilets all the time, I had to turf it even though it is heaven on the bum. I think private is better, especially in that situation. It took me a minute to figure out how to log on as I am technology challenged! You made me laugh with your thong story! It's funny how when you work so hard to lose, then one or two days of cheating make you feel like you've gained a lot back even if you haven't at all! Get back on track and you'll be good to go! Devo

Charlene said...

Oh Jenny, it is so funny that your parents found it! They did need a friend to help them though, maybe they would forget how to get back to it! Before my momma went to school and learned about computers, I had to write all the instructions to everything, including saving a document, just so she could do it the second time. Now she has far surpassed me in knowledge. Good idea to go private though, just in case! And I can't even stand it, reading your undies story, it is so friggen funny! You are doing fine, tell Scott to shape up! It is all his fault anyway! hahaha j/k

Connie said...

jenny, i just love you to bits!! hadn't been at your blog in a while. i missed you! you are too entertaining and i just wanna hug you!

Nin said...

I talk about my parents on my blog, but they hardly even read it. And if they did,they probably know all the things I'm saying anyway.....we have no secrets, we're all on the same street remember? :P
I know what you mean about your hubby being a bad influence. My hubby is the same. He can eat like a horse, and stuff his face with chocolate and grease, and he'd probably LOSE weight from that. Sometimes we sit downstairs and have our night time snacks, and I've got a bowl of low-cal popcorn, and he's got 5! pieces of toast all loaded with Nutella (and butter underneath) and on the side there's a bunch of cheese and crackers and a big glass of chocolate milk.....while I sip my sugar free kool-aid. Sigh.... sometimes I get really annoyed.....
Just remember that if you keep walking the walk, even if you slip up here and there, and take breaks along the way, as long as you are walking that road, you will get to the destination you desire. It's a fact, you can't walk somewhere, but never get there, unless of course, your version of walking is sitting lol. But I know you're walking, I'm encouraged by your walk!
If you're a sweets person, try those "thins" chocolate bars, or those "singles" they have in kitkat and areo. I'm more of a salt person, so my weakness is chips chips chips. Also, "smart pop" popcorn has been a lifesaver for me, if you like popcorn. I totally have to snack at night, if I don't I feel like Im starving! So I figure instead of killing me softly, I've found some good snacks.
Keep you head up! God will finish what He's started!
Bless you

Pen said...

Laughing my butt off!! I too don't buy Charmin and i'm one of those people who comparison shops and one that we buy is the Western Family Double Roll when it's on sale....great paper and good price too.

Hal's very fortunate with the metabolism too. The guy way out eats me and does most of it late at night. Although, he doesn't have to deal with female hormones, lol.

Hugs n' happy thots,

Jenny said...

Hey guys, thanks for the comments.
I'm actually not worried about the stories I share about them or us, because my dad shares some priceless stories(he's a character),but my mom cringes everytime he shares them. She is SUPER private and will harass me constantly about anything I share. So for me it's more of an issue with my mother not having panic attacks because her daughter is sharing things over the "internet". I'm thinking they will soon forget about this and I can go back on my jolly ol' way,because I am lazy and actually can't be bothered to sign's work...

Janelle said...

oh goodness!! yes, that is a good reason to make your blog private! haha...
i totally agree with what you said about taking responsibility for your own actions, and for the way you treat people - i 100% agree with you on that one! :)
as for the underwear situation - it so funny that you mentioned that because i keep looking at myself in the mirror these days when i'm in my underwear and i keep thinking "i should NOT be wearing these anymore!" haha.

Jenn said...

Jenny you truely are a great person. I love you to peices. You make me laugh everytime. Take care.

paleraven50 said...

hi jenn all i can say imagine being that bored at alcan and having to go and ask your dad that. They say women are bad, whatever. Anyways i love love your blog and i sure hope you don
t mind me reading, i want to start my own but have to think of a name and what to write. Take care and oh by the way you are not a bad mom if you don't watch Take wan do or however you spell it, i'm a Karate nana now and have been watching for years, but lots of parents don't watch, and they are awesome parents like yourself. Have a great weekend omg spring break is soon over back to work on Monday already Sue

Jenny said...

I like that you enjoy reading it Sue!
You have a point about them not having much to do at work hey...oh well, the problem is temporarily fixed. I think if I give my parents a couple of weeks they will completely forget I have a blog...they actually call it "the video response"...???

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