Monday, March 26, 2007

Thinking of All of this Work is making me Tired

Hello everyone!
Nothing much is new or exciting. I went for my first run/walk yesterday and boy can I feel it today I didn't do too much for exercise. I plan on doing the same tomorrow (run/walk) sure feels good to be out in the fresh air.
I love Spring time. Last year we didn't get to do too much hiking but this year hiking is a priority for me. Scott is also buying me a new mountain bike...I don't need anything too high tech but it will be cool to have a new bike. Yay!! If only we could get Gavin riding his bike then we all could hit the trails together!
I am beginning to think about paint colours for the work out room. I think our last painting escapade took my paintphoria away...but the joy of selecting another colour is coming back(after reading about Gwen picking out paint colours I felt a sense of colour envy going on...) This room will be more work. I still have to take out the horrible 80's style of floral border and then we have to mud...etc etc. It's a new project. I'm not entirely sure if I should be starting this or start focusing on the outside...phewf...where to start out there.
Here's a To Do for the Outside:
~restain the deck
~Scott needs to level and fix the deck stairs
~put in a fire pit
~Put in some paving stones or tiles for a sitting area off of the deck
~pull out the decorative grass and add some hostas
~make a sandbox and sandbox lid
~paint the front door
~replace the door knobs and mail box
~take out the garden lights and put in solar lights
~get a couple of loads of gravel and fill in the puddles. Level off and slope the gravel so the water is running away from the house.
~Paint the french doors.
~plant some new grass seed
~remortgage the house so we can HIRE some help!!!
~wash the siding on the house
~recaulk around the windows
I'm sure there's more....ughh
To do for the Inside:
Actually the inside isn't that bad...
~stain the bannisters ebony
~peel the border and start mudding in the workout room.
~pick out new lighting for in the kitchen(above the sink and breakfast bar)
~new fan for living room(eventhough I'd rather not a fan...compromising!)
~new light for entry way
~decorate the entry way now that it is painted...
That's it for immediate work...way better than the outside.
Phewf...all this thought of work is making me tired. I'm off to go and enjoy this new channel on the internet.
Anyhow ciao!
Have a great night!


Gwen said...

Our yard is the embarassment of the neighbourhood, but who's got that kind of time or money? Pas moi. Just reading your list makes me exhausted. I figure, hey, we don't have any rusty cars sitting on blocks, nor any old bathtubs on the front lawn. It could be worse.

Sharijoy said...

Jen probs you and Scott will have that done in a weekend!! LOL I feel your list is longer...finally caught up on post reading loved the FARTING IN BED...RAOTFLMAO!!!!

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