Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Quick Blither

Hello everyone!
Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend. Mine was great. I can't say that I did a lot of really exciting things but it was nice. Yesterday I got to drive into Kitimat on my kids, no hubby, just me and myself. It was awesome. The day was Glorious and I channel surfed on the Sirius between The 80's, The 90's Alternative and the Pulse. I cranked my music and had no interruption. No children fighting, screaming, was amazing!! Hallelujah!!
The ride back was almost as blissful, because my rugrats were tired from spending the day at Grandma's and Grampa's. They were wired from the sugar so they quickly hit the sugar low on the ride home. So it was a quiet peaceful ride home.
To top my perfecto day off I got home, put my boys into bed and then watched "Angela's Ashes". I made myself a big humongous plate of nachos and enjoyed every moment of the movie(and of the nachos!!). It was awesome.(Today I am suffering from lactose intolerance and feel like I've gained back the 12 pounds I have lost!)
Today was a different story. My almost 4 year old seemed to reak havoc in most of my plans for today. It was a challenging day for me, but the good news is, I made it through unscathed and tomorrow will be better! I got to watch Titantic this afternoon and ooh and ahh over Jack and Rose...
Anyhoo I need to have a hot bath. Tomorrow I hope will be another beautiful day. If so, the boys and I are going to go for a nice long walk somewhere. I'm also going for my first run/walk of the year tomorrow morning. It will be mostly a walk...with a few quick little spurts of running. But, you gotta start somewhere.
Scott has his first day off tomorrow!! Yay!! It's been a busy week for him and I miss my Stud Muffin...I'm sure he'll love me posting that!!LOL
I'm sure tomorrow I'll be complaining about how he's driving me nuts by being at home!! Yeah I know for a fact he will,but I'll focus on missing him now!(Yesterday he was huffy with me,because he was trying to tell me about an episode on "How's that made"...and I wasn't interested AT ALL in what he was telling me. To be honest...who the f$#k cares how something is made?? But apparently my hubby does, because he is always watching this show!!)
Enough blabbering...I'm off...gotta work on my menu and then bath time!
Good night!


Gwen said...

Ha! LMAO over "How's that made."

I ALMOST emailed you to hang out tonight, but then my husband talked me into doing that "What's your IQ" thing on CBC. I fond outt tht Im realy sarmt.

Lucy said...

Thats funny, cause I love that show, its the dorkie side of It all started on how they made
Have an awesome week!

org junkie said...

One of my favorite things is to drive with the music blaring although I don't get to do it very often by myself...usually its Veggie Tales I have

Pen said...

LMBO Jenny!! I love road trips alone for that simple reason...loud and proud to sing at the top of my lungs and no one to criticize (sp?).

Tried to watch 'What's your IQ' as well but quickly got bored....short attention span anyone? lol.

Glad you enjoyed your day and **Cheers** to you for getting out to walk/run.

Hugs n' happy thots,

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