Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oh The Weather Outside Was Frightful...

,but finally delightful
Thought we'd get it no mo'e
And it snowed, and it snowed and it snowed.
Our family wouldn't survive in the Pioneer days. Seriously a day without our faithful lifeline electricity and we were all at our wits ends. Sure it was peaceful not to listen to the hums of the fridge, the beeps of the clocks or sounds of our computer whizzing and whirling,but when the power was up and running we were all up and running for the nearest form of electrical technology. Within 10 minutes all of my family had scattered around various areas of our home to get their fix.
I also realized today that my family wouldn't survive long if we had to rely on non-perishables and water. Just yesterday Scott and I had read in the newspaper about how one needs to prepare themselves for a natural disaster. Everyone should have a natural disaster kit readily available. So Scott and I discussed this yesterday and how we were going to get one together this week. Umm...yeah well talk about being unprepared for a power outage. We were scrambling to find a lighter. We did end up finding our bbq lighter and a couple of candles. We had no bottled water in the house. Our canned goods were only soups and tuna. We did have a couple of cans of beans. So I think I need to start stock piling a little more than I do. Well...a lot more than I do.
I also realized how impatient my beloved is. After realizing he couldn't manually start the snow blower(we're not sure why) and that the electrical start wouldn't work, Scott went into full blown hissy fit mode. I was in the front yard trying to shovel some snow off the van and I heard a hole slew of words that would make Howard Stern blush. Finally I went back to the deck where he was having a full blown verbal shit fest and said, "Scott you can't control the weather there's no use freaking out over this!"He looked at me and then turned his back and continued with his onslaught of verbal warfare. Oh well, I tried. His mood did turn nice once we had power. Like I said he wasn't in a nice mood in the early part of the afternoon.
We didn't have a big birthday party for Gavin. Instead we decided that we would just have the five of us(plus Grandma and Grandpa) for a party. Originally we were going to have his celebration tomorrow, but we weren't sure if my mom and dad would be able to come so we decided to have his birthday celebration this afternoon. I know that once he gets into school, he will have parties with lots of friends and it was nice just to have the five of us celebrating it. It was fun.
Anyhow my ramblings are coming to an end for this evening. I am pooped out. I didn't get to make the Moroccan Stew so I will make it instead of the chili this weekend. Tomorrow night I am going out for dinner with some vunderful gals to celebrate Char's birthday. It will be nice. I love hanging out with friends.
Speaking of which let me know if anyone has anything to celebrate. I am going to have an appy party, aka "the Harry Potter / paint chip / belly dance party, "and if anyone wants to throw in another reason to celebrate well come on and throw it in the title. I am tentatively thinking of April 13, 14th, or 15th. I'm counting on a couple of my beautiful and fun loving friends from Kitimat to come and hang out as well. Let me know what dates will work and I'll see what works for most(not that there will be hundreds or even It's always nice to have a get together with friends, new and old.
I leave you with some pictures. Hope everyone had a great day!

This was after Scott had done his audition
as a Howard Stern on air personality.(Imagine
how much snow would have been on our deck
had he not shoveled?!)

At least the snow covers up the work
that needs to be done in our yard!

I took this picture to see if I could
see Joni out playing in the snow with
a big smile on our face and coffee cup in hand!

"Arrgh Matey..."

"Do I have to tell you how old I am again

"Take this picture please...I want
some cake!"

He'll regret this photo in a few years!

He already regrets this photo!!LOL

What I'm buying for myself tomorrow to
springify my home!


Pen said...

I love the pictures and yes...the weather was indeed FRIGHTFUL!!

Isn't today a much better, brighter day...althought it's more snow blindness then anything, lol.

Hugs and happy thots,

Christy said...

I would love to come to your party! How about adding "an excuse to hang out with all the girls and eat good food!"

All those dates work for me and I am so excited to meet the Kitimat gang!!

Gwen said...

Invite me!!!! I might have to just come by after work if it's Friday, and Sunday is my daugher's 7th birthday, so it would be after bedtime as well. But do whatever works for you, and I'll just squeeze it in!

Sharijoy said...

I too love the pictures!! Oh Scotty with the potty mouth!!! I just can't see it!!the 14th works for me I'll have to ask Pen...lets hope I don't go into labour!!LOL Guess there'd be lots of coaches there till Doug could make it in!!What do you want me to bring besides my constant HUNGER!!!

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