Saturday, March 31, 2007

April 14th...Appy Party

Hey gals, I've decided that I will have the Appy...3/4 Shimmy party on April 14th 7'ish. I think if everyone could bring an appetizer that would be grand. Whoever is reading're invited! Just let me know through the blog or by email if you are coming. Gwen will be demonstrating the 3/4 shimmy, Shari will be giving some good old reno tips(as long as she isn't going into labour!), Pen will be sharing some thots(I hope this night is good for you!)...I can go on and on but I won't. (Lucy I hope this night works for you!) So come on and have some good ol' fashion girl time!
I took Char's advice and took a picture of a couple of pictures. I really need to invest in a scanner. Everytime I go to my parent's house I forget to take the pictures I want with me to scan. Anyhow I had to share these 3 photos...they are kind of funny.(Don't mind the flash in the photos, I am probably the worst picture taker ever!)

The above picture is the pic Scott and I refer
to as the"Liza Minelli and Fabio go on a date" picture.
I look like I'm in my early 40's and Scott looks...well,
like Fabio!!!LOL(We thought we were hot stuff in this picture!)

When Scott went to India he left looking like this.
So I spent 5.5 months anxiously waiting til I could hop
on a plane and meet him in Amsterdam..

Imagine my horror when I saw this furry faced man
approaching me in the Amsterdam airport...Thankfully
a razor is his friend now!!

Anyhow this is only a short post...I've eaten myself to a stomach ache. Last night I had a dinner out with friends and tonight I met another group at Boston Pizza. Ughh....I only had a couple of bites tonight but still I am feeling stuffed. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hardcore again!!
Good night!
Sleep tight!


Gwen said...

I can't wait, we're going to have a blast.

Those pictures are priceless. I can see why you guys got checked for drugs at every border! He definitely looks dodgy.

Devo said...

The pictures are really great! Wow. You both don't look any older really, but you definitely have better hair-haha! Sounds like a nice party you're planning there, fun times with the girls! We all need that from time to time in order to maintain our sanity! Devo

Pen said...

The get together sounds wonderful!! I'm hoping Hal doesn't need me to go with him to get the boat so I can come.

Love the pics, it's nice to look back at your beginnings and see the growth.

xo Pen

Sharijoy said...

Hes like mini FABIO!!! LOL I can't wait to come and hang out!! Talk to you in the morning!!SOOOOO HAPPY TO HAVE MY PHONE BACK!!!

Lucy said...

My goodness I havent had internet since Wednesday, even then it wasnt very good. I feel so out of the loop. I would love to come, but Im curious what is the 3/4 shimmy? I hope that didnt sound silly, but im not too sure as to what that is. Also I will be there, I cant wait. Itll be nice to have a gurls night!

Crystal said...

Sounds like a fun party....I wish I could join bad I am so far away :o((

Jenny said...

Lucy my dahling...You come to my party, we show you the 3/4 shimmy!(said in a shady European accent)
Actually I have no idea how to do the 3/4 shimmy. It's a belly dancing move. I'm sure Gwen will be eager to give us a demo!
Yay Lucy. You better come. I've been thinking about you the past couple of days. Miss having coffee with you!

Janelle said...

oh my goodness! that first picture just made my day!! :) :)

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