Sunday, March 11, 2007

In Search of The Steelhead

Well Scott is in his glory. Him and his buddy are going Steelhead fishing tomorrow. His friend apparently caught a nice one the other day. To say he's stoked is an understatement.
The start of the fishing season always is met with reservation with me. I think the fact that there is a huge cost that is always associated with the fishing season. He NEEDS a different rod and reel...he needs new line, not the ordinary line but there's the expensive black line stuff that is quite pricier than the average line(not sure why this is better?)and all the fishing tackle that he needs to get. I think of dollar signs and he thinks...(well he doesn't think)...
Tonight he went through his fishing stuff. He was making lists of what he needs to get. He was in his glory...(I have to admit there is nothing cuter than Scott getting giddy over something...)
So I hope he gets out and catches a big one tomorrow.
I think he just likes the companionship of a good buddy to hang out with. This winter seemed rather longer than usual. Scott said the other day that he was just looking forward to getting outdoors again. I feel the same.
I hope all is well with everyone!
Take care and I hope everyone got a chance to enjoy the beautiful outside today!



I think fishing is a grand thing for a boy to be involved in doing. I hope he catches a big one too! connie from Texas

It was a beautiful day here also.

Pen said...

I feel your pain! Hal's preparing for the upcoming fishing season too. It's a catch 22 because I love nothing more then seeing him happy but at the same time I know it's means i'll see less of him. He feels that this year we'll be able to spend more time together fishing and I hope it becomes a reality.

Catch a big one Scott!!

ShariJoy said...

I want FISH IN MY FREEZER!!!! I hope doug gets a chance to go and catch some!! But with his plans this summer... who knows!!

Jenny said...

Well Shari...with all the fishing Scott did last year we certainly DIDN'T end up with a freezer full of fish...shhhh!! Don't tell him I told you that!LOL

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