Wednesday, March 14, 2007

He Said What?

Snippets are the don't have to think of clever or witty phrases to tell what's been going just have to do it all in point form...and since I NEED sleep, this is the way I'm going...
~Beware...bragging rights after this sentence!! Shay got 5 A's and 3 B's. Holy Smart Boy Batman!!
~Josey's school doesn't have letter grades, but he got all meeting expectations except for 2 exceeding expectations. We're very proud of him...I was worried about his schooling last year but this year he has come onto his own! Yay for my boys!!!
~Another cavity free trip to the dentist today for the 3 of us!! Josey didn't go because he has had a headache all day and a bit of a fever. Gavin cooperated (which I didn't think he was going to because he was whining and complaining all the way to the Dentist)and even fell asleep afterwards(in the chair...which caused some oohing and ahhing from the Dental Assistants) while waiting for Shay to be finished. (He even went into the room on his own. I asked him if he wanted me to come with him and he said, "no"... WAAAH!!Sob...he doesn't need me by his side anymore...)
~Apparently Shay is getting a small overbite! Ahh...if the Dentist would have suggested it my kid probably would have left the office with braces today....but he told us he will watch it and probably in 3 years time he will have to get braces...just when mine will be coming off!(just joking!)
~I got my two permanent retainers bonded today! One step closer to getting my braces off!! They are irritating the Fajoka out of feels like I have a glob of glue stuck behind my teeth.
~Scott starts night shifts this weekend. I hate him being on nights. I feel let me know if anyone wants to stop over for a visit...SHOUT OUT FOR COMPANIONSHIP...(just joking...)
~I went into Mohawk last night to get Scott a slushie(he's got an addiction) and when I went to pay for it the clerk said to me, "Do you smell up dog?"
And I said, "What's up dog?"(I thought he meant upchuck at first?)
and he replied, "nothing much and you..."
Ha ha, and I said(obviously not getting what he just said), "what is up dog?"
Then he just gave me a blank stare and I finally clued in.
~I had another funny story from the video store, but for the life of me I can't remember the exact wording of what was said to me(nothing rude or crude...somehow he questioned whether or not I would be able to comprehend the movie I was renting...Babel...Then he backtracked and felt bad for insulting me and then I told him I was just renting it for Brad Pitt anyhow...which was sort of the truth and probably conformed his suspicions...)
~My memory is getting worse these days. I guess I am getting older. I really should start doing my brain activities again(aka Text Twist online)...I can't remember things (I had to write down "what's up dog..." because I was trying to tell Shari the story and couldn't remember for the life of me what the joke was) and I ......ummm...yeah was I saying??
~Well I'm officially down 12 pounds since starting my friendly competition with my gals...BLARE the HORNS and TRUMPETS this Mama's getting her groove back!!
~That's about it for brain is ready to hit the haystack! Tomorrow is Thursday which is always a busy day for me......ughh...I'm so looking forward to Spring Break!!
Good night...


Gwen said...

He fell asleep at the dentist's??? Wow. Blare the horns and trumpets! Good post, Jenny.

ShariJoy said...

It was funny on the phone today you and your mommie brain!!

org junkie said...

I did the "what's up dog" thing with my hubbie and cracked myself up. Too funny!!!

Thanks for the laugh!

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