Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Temporary Fix

A couple of months ago I had decided my pantry needed some refurbishing. Originally I wanted to do some pull out shelves, wire baskets...really customize our pantry. Unfortunately, it is a little out of our budget. My plan is when we put the tile in the kitchen I am going to budget for a custom pantry, but until them I came out with this solution.
I purchased some shoe boxes from Walmart (4.88 for a package of 5) and some dishpans ($1.44 each) and then used them to house certain items. The good thing about the dishpans is if I hit a caselot sale and really stock up on the pantry I can just move the bin to a cabinet under out Microwave stand that I cleared out to act as a storage area for the bins.
For the time being this is a perfect solution until I can get the pantry that I so desire.
Anyhow...I'm cupboards are bare and I need to go and restock...(also make some cookies to put in the container)
Have a great day!


Don't worry friends...I realize I need
to go and stock my pantry up!!

I keep all my spices in a cabinet by the stove
with a tea caddy and our coffee(beans and bags).
I'm really fortunate that we have tons of
cabinet storage in our kitchen.

I'm glad this bag holder is actually hung up!

It's nice to actually have a place for the rice:

But remember to include the cooking instructions
under the lid!


Connie said...

impressive! inspiring!!!

org junkie said...

Jenny I am so absolutely loving your pantry. You get what so many people don't. Many people think that they can't get organized because they don't have the money to do so and in your case even though this isn't ideally what you want you were able to come up with an awesome temporary inexpensive solution for the meantime. Many people would have just left the space in chaos until they could afford what they wanted. Oh I definitely feel a post coming I love those bins and the colors make it inviting to go into your pantry. I love how everything is labelled as well. Well done my friend!!!! I'd love to link to this in a future post but I can understand if you'd rather I didn't. I'll check back here to see your reply. Sorry this is so long!!!

Gwen said...

Impressive and inspiring indeed! I am particularly awed by your entire bin of Ichiban.

Jenny said...

Of course you could link this Laura.
Gwen, it is sad but our family(not me I don't touch the stuff) LOVES ichiban...hence the tub of ichiban.

Charlene said...

Yeah, if this was my pantry (if only I had a pantry!!!) it would be permanent for sure! I love how it looks. Now I wanna buy that stuff for containers in my cupboards!

tan said...

wow great organizational skills,jus love what you did with your pantry and how much more space you have

Crystal said...

Great job Jenny.....I am having a case of pantry envy right about now...

Anonymous said...

Okay Jenny, I am officially inspired about my nasty pantry now. Mine is scary and has those useless shelves with the racking that is full of slots or holes or whatever so it is a catastrophe. I want to go to Walmart and get some bins now!! Since I am already in the process of painting my kitchen it seems a logical step! Thanks! Devo

The Lazy Organizer said...

Oh, it's beautiful! I love those delicious bins!

Mrs. C said...

idea for a pantry "fix". The colors of your containers are great!

Kelly said...

Great job. I am very, very impressed. You have inspired me, lol! Keep up the great work.

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