Saturday, January 20, 2007

Escape to Alcatraz

...Yes you read it escape to Alcatraz would have been blissful today.
It's not like I have had a terrible day. I've just had a couple of realizations today...
Firstly, I don't like Saturdays(tell me why...?) and secondly I am a creature of habit.
Can someone truly hate a day of a week?(whoa hold on now...hate is a strong word...)
Well...yes I don't like Saturdays(tell me why?)...okay folks I will get Up Close and Personal with everyone now. As a young girl my Saturdays weren't great. My parents(whom I love dearly and am thankful don't lead the same kind of lifestyle!!)were heavy into the weekend partying. We're not talking healthy hanging out with people involved heavy drinking. So my Saturdays were usually spent taking care of my brother and sister or everyone (if mom and dad had a humdinger the night before). So every Saturday I struggle to make it a great day.
I have also realized that I have become a serious creature of habit. I do the same things everyday and generally around the same time. If I don't have my cup of coffee and morning chat with my bestest,things always seem a little off. I pay my bills the same days each month. I like to know in a bit of advance what I am going to be doing. I'm really not a spur of moment kind of person.(eventhough I have been known to do spur of the moments kind of things don't get me wrong...I just need some notice) I like structure and routine...but at my terms.
It has been real tough having to have my husband home every single weekend. Okay I'm sure some of you are saying "quit you're whining....yada yada" but remember this is my blog...I'll whine if I want to. (sung to the song it's my party I'll cry if I want to).
I am used to having him home for 2 weekends of the month. Every weekend home has been a major adjustment.Having Scott home every Saturday, and Saturdays being days I don't like have been real trying.(to say the least)He has his own ideas on what WE should be makes for a difficult day.
My morning routines are cut and dry. I like to follow them as close as I can.
Today I got up and was going to have my coffee when Ma and Pa showed up to start smoking the salmon.
Okay side note here: This bloody salmon has been driving me over the edge. When we got the smoker I specifically said to DH, "I'm not helping with this...I don't like dealing with slimy fish..."to which he replied, "of course hun. I'll be able to handle this!"
The other evening(while getting ready to meet some new friends for some appies)I went to go and have a bath(to do my biweekly shave and foot buff.) I dropped my clothes turned around and there was a big, skanky, slimy fish laying in my bathtub. I was not impressed.
I think this might have set my mood. This has peeved me.
Today I get up and right away Scott is in full "fish" mode. He's scurrying around the house...he's on a mission..."Must Smoke Fish" (said in a Homer Simpson voice).
When my parents come into the house he starts to have a panic attack because our vacuum sealer is old and doesn't think it's salmon worthy.He decides midway through a couple of sips of his coffee that he has to try and vacuum seal some carrots. (seriously folks...)
Midway through my coffee time,while he and my mom are trying to seal the bag of carrots he says to me, "hun...aren't you going to see this? So you know what's going on?"
To which I reply, "I don't's your show...babe!"("babe" thrown in to soften the mood a little)and he gives me "the" look.(he actually shoots me the look so I know I better go and "watch")
Afterwards we're sitting around for awhile and I'm kind of pissy. I'd rather be working out. I start to think that I'm going to go ahead and do my workout(I have my escape plan rehearsed in my head) and I realize I have one more son that needs to be picked up from a 10 minutes(and his friend lives in the boondocks).
I begin to scamper when Scott says, "'re going to have to go and get some Pam...bring back the movie..."(and the list is growing)
And so is my mood.
"Yep" and off I go.
I do my few things on the list, pick up my son and get home and think "great Ma and Pa aren't here I'll go workout..."
I walk into the kitchen and Scott's pouring some ichiban (see Gwen they're bonkers for the starch!)into a pot to start cooking.
"Oh great you're home! You can finish making this while I run outside for a moment."he says.
Off he goes.
"Okay."I sigh.
It took a few moments. I fed the gang and then I decide "now's my workout time!"
So I go upstairs and get dressed into my workout garb (I figure Scott's out smoking the salmon). I happily run downstairs and there's my DH on my elliptical starting to workout.
"Whatcha doing?" he asked with a brilliant smile.
"Well I was going to workout...but I can do it later."I said.
"Okay." and then he puts the headphones back in and begins to workout.
Feeling rather down and out that things aren't going the way I want, I decide to go upstairs to try and do my Tae Bo Workout DVD. I get myself in postion and press "Play" and the TV won't switch over to the DVD.
I fiddle fart with it for a moment and have a seriously embarassing hissy fit and realize that the new remote doesn't have the proper DVD code programmed into.
Defeated I walk away.
At this point I'm considering going for a walk when Gavin comes to me in tears. He's having a meltdown...
I get everyone settled and Scott comes upstairs(perfect timing) and I'm almost down the stairs and my parents walk in the door.
"Picked up a vacuum sealer for us!"my dad shouts.
So they all start opening the gadget and I start to sneak away when Scott notices me and says,"you can't leave babe. You need to be here to know how to work this."
Then the three of them are cutting up a piece of garlic sausage to practise sealing it...(not sure what happened to the carrots.)
So I dealed with the whole works of them for a good 1.5 hour.(you wouldn't believe how excited they were with this vacuum sealer!) Then I realize Josey has Tae Kwon Doe...
"and I can't take him..."Scott informs me..."gotta watch the smoker."
Once again my workout gets postponed.
I walk out the door and I leave instructions to Scott..."remember you're in charge of supper tonight!"
"Yep"he replies.
I get home from TKD (after a quick grocery stop at Safeway and a quick detour to Shoppers) and walk in the door.
"Did you make supper for you and the kids?"I ask.
"I didn't know I was supposed to make supper?" he replies.
"Are you kidding me...?"and he wasn't.
He realizes he might be wrong and stomps off to make some KD and tuna while I realize I need to eat.
I prepare my dinner.
Then I complain to myself how much I hate Saturdays.
After dinner we clean up and then I decide I can finally workout...
And...I did.
But I still don't like Saturdays.
A couple of days at Alcatraz without interruption from anybody and pure structure is looking kind of good to me...
Hope you're enjoying what's left of your Saturday!


Charlene said...

Oh the joys! I know what you mean about life getting thrown for a loop when the hubby is home. I have the same problem and nightshift is even worse. I never even make my bed anymore! Why you may ask? Guess... there is ALWAYS someone it it! And then when he is off I can never seem to get the house clean... why you may ask? Because there is always someone walking around after me, dirtying it! hahaha Yeah, sounds like a rough day! Didn't know if you were coming to church tomorrow... if yes, see you there! And if no... I hope you have a wonderful day with your family!

Anonymous said...

I think all of us stay at homers can relate to those feelings, especially at certain times in our womanly cycles. When you have a routine and a plan and it seems to be thwarted at every turn, it is hard for any normal woman to maintain her sanity. The fact that you never hissed and sputtered at hubby is amazing to me, I am a crank that way!! HAHA. Devo

Jenny said...

Oh I hiss and sputter Devo!! Trust me!

Chunks said...

You are a better woman than me. I'd have slapped someone into Monday!

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