Saturday, January 13, 2007

Of Bears and Caffeine...

Hello everyone!!
Life is good.
I had a strange dream the other night and the more I have been thinking about it, the more I thought it is of utmost relevance to my life.(I have noticed a couple of other blogger pals sharing their dreams so I thought I would post about this one.)
In my dream:
Scott and I were buying our house. So we set off to start moving in and it was in a different area of town. It was out past Copper River. The house was located in a very wooded subdivision. All the homes were basic homes, but a little rough for the wear.
Our house was on a bluff and we had to walk up a steep, narrow path to get to it. As we were walking up the path I noticed a bunch of black animals moving alongside of us. The area was infested with these animals. I was really scared and we ran up to the house and there was a woman there that was giving us our keys and was going to give us a tour.(I guess we bought it without looking at it??)
Immediately I asked the woman about all of the animals and she said, "oh...we have a bear's pretty bad!"
So we looked through the house and it was pretty run down. There were floor boards missing, holes in the wall, toilets coming out of the plumbing...the house was in bad shape.
Scott started to get upset. He was mad that we would buy a house in this condition. Then I started to feel really sad and upset. So I told him I needed to go for a walk...
I left the house and began to walk through the neighbourhood. I was feeling pretty low about having to live in a house in such terrible condition.
Immediately the road began to get more narrow with each step. Pretty soon I was walking through bushes and sticks. I began to feel afraid and felt the sticks scraping my legs and the brushes rubbing against my cheeks. I also knew that I wasn't alone. I looked over and there was a bloody HUGEMONGOUS Grizzly bear approaching me.

I started to panic...My heart started to beat rapidly. I could feel and taste the terror. I began to run and at the same time I began to pray to God.
"God Please Save Me!" I prayed. The words were strong and intense.
"Please...What should I do? I'm afraid this bear is going to eat me?" I cried.
And I began to run when suddenly I was dropped to my knees....
"Be Still...Be Calm...and Have Faith in Me!" His voice said.
I stood up and stood still. The Grizzly Bear approached me.

I could feel it's claws slowly gripping at my hands. The tears were streaming down my face. It's big gigantic snout began to sniff my face...I could smell it's hot breath....a very disturbing and rancid odor. He was beginning to do small snorts. With each snort I began to shake. It was getting harder and harder to keep still, but the words were precise in my mind...I was to be still and have faith.
The bear snorted 3 times and then shook his head and ran away.

I woke up in a sweat. My heart was racing.
I believe this dream represents my faith. Material things don't matter. A nice home doesn't provide security or sanctity of the mind,heart or soul. In the end it does come down to giving it all and believing and laying your faith in the hands of God.
Dreams are so amazing. Seriously when I close my eyes I can imagine what the hot, skanky breath of a bear is like.
Anyhow a couple of hours after I was awake I phoned Shari (like I do every morning). We were talking about our usual stuff and I said, "Shari I had the most bizarre dream about bears last night!" and she said,
"that's so weird...I dreamed about Bears too!!"
That was pretty strange that we both dreamed of bears the same night!
Enough about dreams...I can't believe how fast this weekend has gone by. Scott has been a computer gamer all weekend and it's starting to drive me nuts. I would love to have a laptop. That way when they are all on the computer I could be able to get some of the stuff I like to do on the computer...(ahem...blogging!)
I am so loving my slow cooker. Today I made a stew that was delightful. I also whipped up some chocolate chip cookies that my vultures (Scott included)have already delved into. Tomorrow I am baking. Shay has hockey in the morning, so that leaves me housebound. I would also love to have a second vehicle...I think I either should win the lottery or maybe think about getting some sort of career that involves making some cashola!!
But then I think of my dream and realize that I should be content with what I have! If I didn't have anything more my life is amazing!
Back to my ramblings....
Scott and I got an awesome espresso maker for Christmas from his brother and his wife. Once a week (it's usually Friday night or Saturday night)I have made us homemade espressos. They are awesome. But the key to espressos is to have only one....last night we both had two and both of us were jittery. My pupils were dilated and I was literally strung out on caffeine...not very smart.
I had a hard time falling asleep last night (a couple of hours it took me to fall asleep). I woke up not feeling very restful, but Scott had brought me up a cup of coffee. I had a couple of cups but after I had them I felt like I had the night before. It turns out he had grinded the espresso beans and made the it was some strong java! I bet you my body nearly OD'd on caffeine today...I'm staying low key on the caffeine for a few days. We both opted out of our Timmies X-large double cream at Shay's hockey game.
So I'm on a bit of a low...what goes up must come down and I have a slight bit of a headache that is beginning to work its way through...nothing a little Advil Migraine Relief won't fix though.
Nothing else is new to report.
I hope you are all having a great weekend.
This thought just came to me...maybe my dream represents my desire for winter to be know...bears/hibernate...lately I feel like a big ol' mama bear who is hibernating in my cozy little den.
I haven't visited my friends...gone out for coffee...socialized...who knows...
Anyhow this mama bear is off to sleep off the caffeine OD.
Good night!


tan said...

Yummy..,having an espresso machine would be awesome,however being allergic to caffine would just be torture in our house.I agree maybe your dream is about wanting winter to end.Although i think we have a while before winter is truly over.

Crystal said... awesome is God to reveal that to you in a dream. That is an amazing gift......I can relate to the hibernating thing but I don't think your dream was about that.....
Thanks for sharing

TANYA said...

Wow scary dream! Amazing how God can reveal such truthes to us through them though.

Hope you had a good weekend...nice skating rinks we now have for roads! I'm looking forward to winter being over too...feeling like I'm needing to get out of hibernation mode as well!

Christy said...

That is an amazing dream! I would agree with your interpretation of it. I love God dreams!

I feel the same about the hibernation! I am so tired and have been sticking around home more. But I am also pregnant and chasing a toddler so that could explain it! Haha!

Thanks for lending me the cradle by the way. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
This post reminded me of your basement troubles and your bear filled fishing excursions. I think your dream may be about facing your fears.
2 verses come to mind
Psa 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God,
Isa 7:9 If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.
or too much chocolate before bed.

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