Monday, January 15, 2007

Ding Dong A Wooden Rabbit

A couple of months ago my MIL and SIL traveled to Pennsylvania for some business. Upon their return my MIL had told me about a Fertility Rabbit that their hosts had in their foyer. She had mentioned this in passing and had also told me of a picture that she had taken of our nephew(and her grandson). There was even a passing comment that this particular rabbit was something that I would think was cool...
Yesterday she sent me the picture of H* on the rabbit. She was sending the picture to show us this cute, but miserable look that he can give.
When I received the picture it wasn't H*'s expression that was causing me alarm. It was the absolute ugliness of this rabbit. It is a humongous wooden rabbit that has a penis for a tail. Right away I called Scott over to show him the picture.
"Poor wonder he's giving that look...that thing is pretty freaky!"he said.
"Pretty freaky is right, "I replied, "it's a bloody Easter Bunny with a boner!"
So of course we laughed. That night I sent the picture to my mom to get her take on the infamous bunny. She phoned after receiving it.
"Is that a wooden bunny?" she asked. "Why would someone have a huge wooden bunny?"
"I don't's some kind of a fertility rabbit. Different strokes for different folks." I replied. "Hey Mom did you notice the tail?" I asked.
"It's black." she replied.
"Its a penis." I responded.
"What?...Let me enlarge the picture...(gasp!)Oh, It's a big huge DING DONG hanging out for a tail! No wonder why the baby is upset!"she said.
"Well I'm not sure that's why. Oh well interesting stuff." I replied.(laughing over the fact that my mom still uses the term Ding-Dong!)
Anyhow I dreamed of the Gigantic wooden Easter bunny that has a Penis for a tail. I can say that there wasn't anything spiritual or relevant in the dream. I just think the thing is plain ol' scary. But...if someone has one in their home and enjoy it...more power to them!
The cool thing about this rabbit is I have learned all sorts of information about Fertility Rabbits. Imagine how many kids we would have had, had we owned one?? I have always wondered the relevance of the Easter Bunny and Easter. Read here for more info if you so desire.
I thought I would share the picture. I took out our nephew's face as I don't have permission to be posting his pic online.

What do you guys think?

PS. In no way am I making fun of, or belittling the owners of this rabbit. It is of high craftmanship. In all honesty, I wanted to somehow incorporate the use of the term "ding/dong" into a post...


Jenny said...

I must have done something to the picture when I took cutie patootie won't enlarge!

Nin said...

thats funny that you had to blot out the little one.... It made me giggle. and how come you never post pics of yourself???!!!!! NO FAIR

Jenny said...

Hey Nin, if you click on the link on the side "our pics". There are some pics of me...I'm in the process of bringing lots over. I have some cool ones that I am going to scan of our travels and early years together. So stay tuned.

Christy said...

Oh my...that is quite the rabbit! Can't say I would be wanting one anytime soon!

Gwen said...

Hysterical!!! I have a weird compulsion to zoom in on the ding-dong, and I'm so frustrated that the pic won't enlarge. Great post!

BTW, that Wikipedia entry was totally educational, I didn't know half that stuff. Right on!

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