Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Warning: A Whole Lotta Rambling!!!

With money that I had received for Christmas I bought myself a MP3 player. I had considered an IPod, but my sister has a Sansa MP3 player and just raved about it, so I bought the same one.
I love music. I love music of all kinds. The only music I'm not too fond of is jazz (which Scott is...or John Denver another one he likes),but in the right environment I'll even tap my foot to it.
So I was excited when I got to pick the music to put on the MP3 player. I tried to vary the music, without sticking to one specific genre, and felt I did make a good selection.
So today I was working out on the Elliptical and started to go down memory lane to each song that I was listening to. Isn't it amazing how songs can you transform you to a specific time in your life...
I tried to think of the earliest music I could remember as a child. I remember my parents loved Burton Cummings, "Stand Tall". I still enjoy this song(sad but true) as it reminds me of fishing(?) with my parents. I think they used to play it on their 8track on the way to the fishing hole.
Merle Haggard's "If We Make it through December" is another song that brings back memories. Unfortunately they aren't so pleasant. That was the song they played during the holidays and only in later years did I listen to the words and realize the song was our family's Christmas anthem.(Christmas was a bit of a drunken stupor with my family...I'm so glad that they grew out of it). I also remember Billy Joel, Elvis, Johnny Cash and of course, Kris Kristoferson.
As a young girl I remember I was obsessed with Olivia Newton John. I even joined her fan club and somewhere in my worldly possessions I am the proud owner of an autographed Olivia Newton John picture. I remember spending many hours with my best friend at the time (Emma)playing in her camper with our barbies. We used to listen to Cyndi Lauper, Rick Springfield, Loverboy, and Hall and Oats. Emma loved the dark hair guy(Oats)...too funny!!! During this time I did an airband to "Eye of the Tiger". We were so nervous to do such a performance.
Then in Grade 7 I became a Duranie. I loved Roger Taylor with all my heart. Seriously I wanted to go to Birmingham England and hunt him down. Years later I had found a card that I had written to him(that was never mailed) and it said, "Roger...Happy Birthday...another year older but still looking good!!"Okay...embarassing.
My other friends were seriously into Michael Jackson. I can honestly say I wasn't into Michael Jackson.
Through my teen years there were many different bands I listened to. I loved Aerosmith,Madonna (I remember thinking the "Papa don't Preach" song was romantic??) Poison, Guns 'N Roses, Platinum Blonde,Def Leopard, Corey Hart and of course Bon Jovi. I remember driving around with Shari, Lou, Nancy and Dawn in the Ford Tempo with "Livin' on a Prayer" blaring from the tape deck.(sneaking out to Terrace...losing a hubcap)
Does anyone remember Glass Tiger? Well I'm sure if you live in Terrace you do...the local radio station still plays, "Don't forget me when you're gone." Shari's favourite was Haywire. I can't remember their music too well, but she loved them.
When I left home to work in Roger's Pass I listened to......(embarassed) Paula Abdul. Everytime I hear a song of hers I think of my first time away from home. (a 3 day event...another post)I can honestly say I don't listen to Paula Abdul anymore...everything else is probably on the MP3 player.
Then I moved to Whistler. When I hear the song "Free Fallin'" I think of my first days in Whistler. My new friends and I would crank the song as we got ready to hit Tommy Africas.
"Groove is in the Heart" is a song that reminds me of dancing in the bars at Whistler. Trudi and I spent many nights hitting the club scene in search of some good times. "love Shack" is also a song that reminds me of clubbing. And of course...Sinead O'Connor..."I remember serenading Scott with that song...(just a moment while I wipe away a tear...JJ)
Then the Grunge phenomena hit. I still love listening to Janes Addiction (Been Caught Stealing is the first song on my MP3)the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and of course Nirvana. Anytime I listen to these songs I am reminded of Scott and I getting to know each other and all the crazy times we had with our friends. (He got to go to Lollapalooza and I had to stay working in Waterton)
The same can be said of the "Tragically Hip". That CD Road Apples was worn out that first summer we spent in Jaffray.
During this time Scott went through a heavy Doors phase. That's all him and his friends listened to. The song "Whiskey Bar" reminds me of us dancing around his red car in the middle of the night...yes...crazy times for this mama.
I also loved the Neil Young and the Harvest Moon Cd, Cranberries, Belly, Hole, Concrete Blonde, Sarah McLaughlan... Spirit of the West. Scott and I were lucky enough to see them live in a little bar twice in Whistler...amazing times.
Tracy Chapman reminds me of the French countryside. We had 3 tapes that were definately worn out and I vividly remember listening to"....give me one reason to stay here and I'll turn my back around..." on a train heading to Spain.
The whole CD of Enya's "The Memory of Trees" brings me lonliness....especially the song "China Roses..." I'd listen to the song over and over again, so much that I wore out the CD. Scott was travelling in India and I was going to meet him in 6 months. I was pretty lovesick. A few months ago I came across a letter he had written me from his trek through the Annapurna range...I brought it to Scott and was reading him a passage (won't share it my friends it's nauseatingly embarassing (don't you love how I make up words?) )
Scott just smiled and Jonas said, "why did you write such sappy stuff daddy?"
"Well when you meet the right girl you'll know why.."and Scott winked to Jonas.
Gavin interrupted the moment and said, "Ewww...gurls...I don't wike gurls..."
"mommy's a girl" Scott explained.
"Yeah mommy pees out her bum!"he replied....okay so that moment was kind of funny...and ruined!!!
Anyhow back to music.........
After having Seamus I used to sit him in his bouncer seat and sing "Thankyou" by Dido. That song still brings me a clear picture of my chubby faced blonde hair blue eyed babe. Especially that when I was pregnant with him I was so uncertain of what my future was going to be. He just sealed the deal for us.
During this time I frequently listened to the Indigo Girls(Romeo and Juliet...), Melissa Etheridge, Natalie Merchant, Crash Vegas.
The last 6 years I have become a Nickleback fan. I love their music. I like Lifehouse, Tim McGraw, Dwight Yoakam, Dixie Chicks, 3 Doors Down, Gwen Stefani, Cold Play, Hinder, Greenday. I love the song "Broken" by Seether and Amy Lee...its so amazing. The same can be said of..."Cold Hard awesome workout song...number 5 on my list of songs", "Fallin~Alicia Keys,"..."Hootie and the Blowfish..." "Hips don't Lie~Shakira"(motivates me to get my hips in good shape...
Truly the list is endless....
I think I just like music... oh and how can I forget my all time favorite "Loreena Mckennit". Her song "Lady of Shalot" is a song I listen to bring me peace and relaxation...
It was fun going down memory lane today.


TANYA said...

Great post Jenny! Brought back alot of memories for me too. I remember the first time I saw Glass Tiger...we were enjoying a "free" weekend of muchmusic (back when it was a specialty channel!). I remember seeing them and me and my sister and her friend were like "who are they...they're soooo cute!" haha!

And that Jane's addiction song...I remember the video quite ya, enough said!

And Duran Duran...melt my heart!!

I love how music can take you back to a certain moment in time, whether or not it was a good memory or a bad one...thanks for the trip!!

How was your evening?

Jenn said...

Hey Jenny. Wow it looks like you like to chat as much as me. It must be that husband at work then to tired to talk factor. Well I am looking forward to getting together tonight. See you then. Great post I wish I knew something about music. I am so not firmaliar with names. I just know when it comes on the radio if I like it or not.

Gwen said...

Ooooh.... Papa Don't Preach! I used to put Vaseline on my lips and backcomb my hair, and lip-synch in the mirror with a hairbrush. Good times. "ooh, I'm gonna keep my baby!"

Charlene said...

Sad to say that I am out of touch with the music of the 80's. I know that Adam loved it all though. You ask me 60's... that is truly my fave music era. I love it when people talk about 80's music though becasue there are some really odd names of songs and bands. Great post of thoughts Jenny.

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