Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Follow Your Nose....

I enjoy my morning routines. I always love having my cup of coffee and at the same time I talk to my Bestest. This morning while I was deep in conversation with Joyfulness I noticed a strange aroma that was not of a pleasant scent.
After getting off the phone I did a few quick sniffs here and there to try and figure out what and where the smell was coming from. Gavin caught me red handed (or rather nosed) as my nose was in the air and I was sniffing like a mad woman.
"Whatcha doing?"he asked with a puzzled expression.
"Sniffing..."I said.
"Sniffing what?" he asked.
"Trying to find the smell!"I added. Poor boy, I hope he turns out to be semi-normal as an adult!
"Okay...have fun sniffin'!" he said. And off he scampered...
So in my sniffscapade I found 2 dishcloths that were absolutely skanky smelling and a sponge that was on the verge.
But...the smell continued to wafer.
Hmm...so off I went upstairs and started to sniff and quickly empty my garbage can from the bathroom...ugh...
"I bet that's the smell..."I noted to myself.
But...with a sanitized and clean garbage can the smell continued to waft through the air.
I entered each nook and cranny with vengeance...
Than it dawned on me...heat rises, so smells rise too!
That means the smell had to be coming from the...(dun-dun-nuhuh)Basement.
Yes...the basement that houses many smells, and unpleasantness.
So off I went.
As I went through the workout room I could tell the smell was getting worse. I went to the Laundry area and the smell wasn't as strong.
"Okay,"I mumbled to myself..."getting warm, warmer..."
And my boys were standing there with confused puzzled looks on their faces. (Josey is off of school because he is sick)...Why is their mommy playing hot and cold with herself???
"warmer...Bingo... Baby it's hot!" I yelled.
My boys looked at me like their momma should be the lead in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!"...
Now let me backtrack...
Two days ago my DH informed me that because our cat doesn't use his litter box he emptied it...
"It's all emptied and cleaned babe...I'll put it in the shop in the next couple of days."he said.
"You don't think we should leave litter in it for when he's inside?"I questioned.
"No..he NEVER uses it!"he said....
Famous last words...
Fast forward.......
So in the freshly scrubbed and cleaned out litter box my cat went for broke in emptying his bowels. Okay I think he was making a statement here!! It wasn't a little...it was a whole lotta crap!!
So needless to say I discovered the crap and it was a crappy mess to clean up!
I should have left it for my DH to clean up so he could see (or rather smell)the error in his ways, but my nose couldn't handle the smell!!
So that's been my day so far!
I hope you all are having a scensational smelling day!!


Crystal said...

Oh Jenny.....you never cease to bring a smile to my face......by the way, I can assure you that your boys will turn out just fine....they'll learn to tune you out as they get older...LOL

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

EWWWWWWW... glad you found the smell. I once went a week desperate to find the most vile smell in my kitchen and it turns out it was rotting potatoes..that smell lingers too :( yick!

I personally think it's perfectly normal to follow your nose ;)



dwiebes said...

Hey Jenny, I just need an e-mail address to add you to the blog. Thanks! You can post it on my comments and I'll just delete it before it goes onto the blog.

Pen said...

OMG Jenny that seriously had me cracking up!! As a cat owner who's cat tends to do her business just as people are due to show up I can totally appreciate your post. As for the kids...they're awesome and will grow up to be appreciative of their future gf's and spouses habits. "Mom did it too, must be normal!"

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