Monday, January 22, 2007

Cookies Galore

Not to be outdone by Pen and Shari who hit the motherload with their overstuffed grocery bag, I decided to go and try my hand at stuffing another bag.
Do we need more cookies and garb?? Obviously not...but I wanted to see if I could stuff more into my bag...some friendly competition...
Yes my friends...I'm nuts!
Here's the results...not bad hey?(I still think I might have been outplayed on this one though!LOL)

Did someone say cookies??

The question I now have is...can I freeze these? If so do I freeze them in the packages??
Scott just walked into the kitchen and yelled this to me..."Don't buy anymore bags of cookies Jen! We are overflowing with cookies!"
I guess if I can't freeze them it'll be cookies with every meal.(except of course moi!!)
Hope all is well!


org junkie said...

This cracked me up Jen! That is what I call competitive!!


Pen said...

Go Jenny! Go Jenny!! That is soo funny and woo hoo JACKPOT.


Charlene said...

Mmmmm... I forgot how much I love those fudge cookies, hey, is that whole special still on? I didn't get to go but if it is still going on I will be down there with bells on tomorrow.

Janelle said...

that's awesome! we need one of those stores in Sask! though it REALLY wouldn't help with the weight loss for me at all!

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