Sunday, January 21, 2007

10 Bucks Baby!

I went to Save On More today and stocked up my bag full of goodies for $10. I actually bought cookies for Scott and the boys lunch. (I have been making them but I'm happy to have a bit of a cookie making break{although I just made 2 batches today!})I bought a couple packs of rice I'm thinking I might go back tomorrow and grab some more...
This mama loves a good sale.
(Scott really thinks I'm nuts..."Why are you taking pictures of your bag of groceries??...and, "the many pictures do you need?")
BTW, I phoned Shari to tell her about this good deal and her and Pen were just pulling in to Save On More...Too funny!!
Thanks Sirena for putting the bug in our ears!

I think if I had more packing expertise I'd do better...
But for 1o bucks...

Okay...I just had to show how cool using bins like
these a case where you need more shelf
room...I can easily stack the potatoes on the onions!
(yes I've gone squirrelly!

Have a good night!


Pen said...

Jenny, looks awesome. Didn't think to take a pic and i'm not going to restuff the bag, lol. I managed to get about the same as you and it's well worth it when you've got guys with a sweet tooth!


Connie said...

i'm glad that i'm not the only one who's hubby thinks their crazy for taking pics of wierd things. looking good!!

Jenn said...

WOW Looks good...Good for you. I can't wait until we actually have a house to organize. Take Care. Give me a call sometime if you want during the week we can always get together without the BIG BOYS...Hehehe Take Care

TANYA said...

You packed yours better than I did with mine...sheesh...oh well!

So how was the partay? I'm sure you're still at it. Hope you had fun with all the girls!

Lucy said...


I didnt even get to look at the flyers from Fridays paper. I love that 10 buck deal, its awesome. Thanks for letting me know!
By thw way, you arent the only day that hates a day of the week, mine is Sunday.Talk to you later

tan said...

wow you should have gone with me when it was cookis and crackers in two bags i fit 32 items

carebear said...

that organizing is very impressive!
i'm jealous of the bins!!

those pics made me hungry!

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