Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wonderful Christmas!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas celebration. We had an amazing time with our family and friends.
Of course we were spoiled...I'll post some pics tomorrow. Santa brought the boys a Nintendo WII and they were excited and the new Zelda game. Gavin got the Leapster video system and a game from Santa. They got some Star Wars guys, games, a mega blocks castle from their Oma and Opa...that's just a few of the things.
We got a $300 gift card for the family from Scott's dad and the boys got $150 in total from their Uncles. We won't use them right away though. I used a little of the $300 to buy myself a MP3 player from Walmart today~sweet!
I got a really awesome Crockpot (versacrock from Rival) from Scott. (you can tell I'm getting older,because this was one of my favourite presents!). The cool thing about this crock pot is that you can cook your food in it and then store it in the freezer or fridge...I got a necklace from Scott, an Inukshuk, 3 willowtree figures(one from Tanya...thanks so much!!), a wooden treasure chest, lots of awesome makeup, a bracelet from my mom and dad, the new Loreena Mckennit CD, earrings.......(can't remember what else...)scarves, a purse...
My mom and dad got Scott and I a micro stereo system for our bedroom and Scott got a new fishing knife...Scott's mom gave us money so we can use that towards our trip to Vegas. Shari got us a beautiful Santa decoration and a cute best friends cartoon picture.
I got Scott a Discovery Channel bike jersey, a fishing kit, and the Godfather DVD trilogy. The boys got Scott a Gandalf Christmas ornament.
We were all spoiled...but the best presents were the ones my boys made us. Gavin made us a handprint hanging from preschool, Jonas a Christmas ornament and Seamus a dreamcatcher.
We had an amazing celebration with our family and friends. We spent Christmas Eve with Shari and Doug (after visiting with mom and dad) and then we came home. Then Seamus read the Night Before Christmas and I read the Story of Christmas. Yesterday Scott was up at 6:15am setting the mood for the house! (the lights have to be on, the coffee brewing and the music playing). We then opened our presents then my parents came over for the breakfast casserole and to spend the day with us. We played games, ate, sang and had a wonderful day.
I am feeling a little sad right now,because my sister leaves tomorrow evening and we always have so much fun with her. She is such an amazing person...we love her!!
Anyhow I will post some pics.
I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration!!!!


Chunks said...

Glad to hear your Christmas was wonderful!! Ours was too, we still have a family one to do on the 30th would you believe?! Good Lord, it's like the song that never ends or something! BAH!

Crystal said...

Thanks for the card Jenny!
I hope your holidays were great, sounds like they were. Happy New Year!

Connie said...

glad your holidays were happy! i got my hubby that new zelda game for Christmas too. haven't seen him since! :) he's busy on a mighty journey! happy new yesr!!

org junkie said...

Jenny I'm so jealous of your crockpot...mine is getting a little small and I may need to get a new one soon. How do you like yours? Would you recommend it?

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