Sunday, October 22, 2006


Ready to go fishing with Daddy and Grampa

At the fishing hole

Say cheese...

Another great place for a picture!

Gonna catch a big one!

Some spirit bears and...

a real bear!

Out for a walk with our family.

One of our special visitors! We love you Auntie K!


Tanya said...

Awesome pics Jenny...I had thought about getting pics of the kids with all the bears too before they auctioned them off...oh well. Some of them are still around here I'm sure...just not sure where.

I like the pic of the boys amongst the big cedars.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures as usual!!

Do you scrapbook? I have a feeling you do, as your pictures reflect that.

I gasped when I saw the real bear. And girl, get yourself a leaf blower!!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

WOW .. I mean WOW.. those are amazing! Love love love the beautiful fishing sites.

Your boys are simply adorable (bet you made them that way on purpose huh?)

Those are amazing!

Love it!



Sue said...

Jenny, Yes I'm a lurker of the good kind, what amazing pics. Never thought to get a pic of the spirit bears when they were around. the leaves are beautiful until our wind blows them all over. I think my girls took pics of my grandkids with the leaves at those two trees at the bottom of Haisla Hill. Can't wait to see them. I'm Tasha's mom. Sue Take care

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