Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wife Confessions

I found this link to this site and I have been reading thru the confessions. Some of them make you laugh, and some make you wonder why the heck some of these woman are married to these men if that's truly what they think!!! (and some are down right creepy!! But I think I'm a voyeur of some sort cuz I keep reading!!)
I've thought long and hard about what my confession would be and all I could confess is I sometimes wish my husband wouldn't be such a neat freak!!! That's as exciting as it gets!!!LOL!I guess that wouldn't really be a confession though...I just told that to him this morning!!!!
That's about it for me for this morning!!!
Have a great day!



Camille said...

whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those are some mad and angry women!! yikes!!!!

i think my hubby already knows how i feel - but my confessions are:
*could stand to GAIN weight!! (he's my lean loving machine!)
*driving like a maniac
*paranoid about identity theft

and that's about it...

Nin said...

Oh my goodness! Those were brutal! I had to stop reading after the first few because they were so awful. You're a trooper for sure!
I'm glad that you're confession is "as exciting as it gets", and that you're not one of those crazy wives who hate their hubby's.
I don't know what my confession would be....I tell my hubby what I don't like all the time (unfortunately). I'm gonna think about this one and get back to you.
LOLOL to Camille and your hubby's fear of identity theft! That's awesome.

Jenny said...

Yeah it's pretty scary at some of those confessions. Some of them can't be true! If you're that unhappy get counselling or divorce or something?!
I didn't read alot. I get creeped out pretty easy, so I usually just skip something that makes me feel uneasy!!

Chunks said...

That site is oddly compelling to read yet completely disturbing!!! It would seem that there are alot of miserable people in this world, many of them are married to other miserable people! I couldn't imagine!

If I had a confession about my husband it would be that I wish he would take better care of himself and lose some weight. I'm so scared that he will die young, I worry about him all the time. He knows this though, yet continues to put mayo on everything. What do you do?

Yeah, I'm a rebel too it looks like. But isn't it bizarre how hateful people are? Youch!

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