Thursday, August 10, 2006

Some Viewed...

Okay how weird is this? I was just posting a comment(on my post below) on how I couldn't read lots of the Wives Confessions...
Here was my word verification:

Yeah how true was that to my comment...only viewed some!!!
Yes I know I'm a geek, but had to share!
Good night everyone!


Tanya said...

Its strange how those word verification things have meaning sometimes...almost eery!

Chunks said...

The word verification thing should be an actual word. This random stringing of letters together in nonsensical ways is annoying. Especially when it is early and you are commenting and your coffee hasn't kicked in, how many times do I have to type XVUZUFRQ before I get it right?!

Annie said...

scary, we must be related...
I notice the
word verifications too.
I am also now hooked on the wife blog
thanks a lot!

WV... initxiz
in texas?

Lucy said...

Yea me too, I go to that site all the time,,thanks alot

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