Monday, August 14, 2006

Menu Plan Monday

Well another week has gone by and I can't imagine living my life without a meal plan. How many times did we eat out for dinner (I did go for tea with my friends) these past 2 weeks??? 0
Gotta love that. Head on over to Laura's site to see what everyone else is eating this week.

Here's our family's meal plan for the week:
Monday: Meat Loaf (ground beef and ground pork) with sidekicks spaghetti noodles, and mixed vegetables.
Tuesday: Chicken and Sweet and Sour Spanish Style Rice.
Wednesday: Honey Mustard Meatballs with roasted garlic potatos and spinach salad.
Thursday: Chinese food (We're actually getting take out)
Friday: Chicken Caesar Salad with garlic cheese bread.
Saturday: BBQ Pork Chops, Corn on the Cob, Baked Potatoes
Sunday: Leftover Sundays.

Have a great day!


Jenny said...

2 weeks without dining out?? Wow! Way to go. I hope that menu planning helps us in that same way. I'd love to have the recipe for your honey mustard meatballs. That sounds delicious!! Have a good day!

Jen said...

Meatloaf must be on everyones mind this week I have seen a couple of these....

Mom2fur said...

Meatloaf just tastes so much better when you combine the beef with pork, doesn't it? I actually buy pork tenderloin when it is BOGO and grind it to mix with ground beef for meatballs. Next time I might try using it for meatloaf.
Is anyone else as happy as I am that the weather is going to cool down soon, and we can start roasting things again? Bring on the turkey!

Sandra said...

LOL I think meatloaf is on all our minds lately, I also have that on my menu this week and a couple other's do too :)

I would love to have the Honey Mustard meatball recipe, any chance of you posting it soon? :)

org junkie said...

Jenny it all sounds so delicious! I was just commenting on some other blogs that I have never made meatloaf but I love it. Isn't that strange...I think maybe next week. Yes you must post your meatball recipe for us. Laura

starla said...

hi jenny, how does menu plan mondays work? i think i need to get on board!

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