Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Fishing Story

We went trout fishing today to the Lakelse Canyon and I'm happy to report that everyone excluding myself got skunked. I was the only one to catch a nice sized trout.
To complicate matters even more my husband wouldn't let me keep it. I figured as it was a nice sized trout it would make a nice yummy meal (even though I don't particularily like the taste of trout),but Scott said as it was our first fish we'd let it go and keep the next ones.
Well we didn't catch anything else. To make matters worse the camera batteries were dead, so we couldn't get a picture of me skunking my family out!!!
Oh well....such is life.
That's all to report...
Have a great night!


Chunks said...

You're not telling us a "fishing story" are you?

Heehee...we believe you!

Charlene said...

Yeah, that is what keeps happening with us too. haha, jk. I have still not caught anything edible!!! Good job Jenny. I want lots of pics next time. Tell Scott, if you can't get a pick, you don't throw it back!!! haha

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

WTG Mom! I think it's only fair that we skunk em every now and again :)

Jessica said...

Woohoo! You must be happy...too bad you didnt have a camera!!

Tanya said...

Awesome...too bad about the camera time for sure!!

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