Thursday, July 27, 2006

From the Mouth of our 3 Year Old

Gavin was in the bathtub tonight and Scott and I were in our bedroom watching TV. He was playing with a couple of Star Wars guys he brought into the tub with him.
"This is my daddy" he began to jabber to one of the star wars guys.
"Say hi to my father!" he said.
"Hi to your father!" he repeated.
" say bye bye to my father!"he went on.
"Bye bye!"he repeated.
"Cuz daddy's gone to Jail!"he answered.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How does a 3 year old know what jail is???
It was only a few minutes ago while IM'ing a friend that I realized that I was the culprit of the jail talk. When we were in the grocery store today I told Gavin to put up his strawberry drink (that we had opened and he had drank out of already) and give it to the cashier to ring through. Then I said, "if you don't pay for something you'll go to jail!"
So I guess he was having fun in assuming his daddy was off to jail.
We're hoping to put him in preschool for the fall. Can you imagine what my darling 3 year old is going to tell them?? Daddy's locked up in Sing-Sing??
Anyhow, I have to go and do my wifely duties...(not what some may be thinking!) I need to go and make Scott's lunch for work. (Yes I do that for my husband!! I even leave notes for him at times...cheese ball I know!!!)
Have a great night!


mom of 2 said...

That's really cute! I love listening to my kids play when they don't know I'm listening...they say some of the funniest things!!

Chunks said...


I'm such a failure!

hahahhahahahah! Oh well!

starla said...

i make lunch for lawrence too jenny, except when i'm really tired than he has to do it for himself. I have to admit that its been awhile since i pute a note in, he once told me he was scared that his dad or brother in-law would find them.....he works with them. Its not like my notes were all steamy though....who knows.

carebear said...

I've really apprecitted your support these days, thank you!

Take pride in serving your hubby, it truly is a blessing to walk in serving your spouse! There is purpose and fulfillment in it.

Pen said...

That's soo cute and I can only imagine Gav's teacher when he hits school. I'm sure he'll be a bright to all the teachers he gets!

btw, Hal still gets notes once in awhile in his fishing lunches. I'm beyond serving Hal, we have a team effort going on and if we need to fend for ourselves we're okay with that too.

Jenny said...

The main reason for making lunch for Scott is I know that what he's eating is actually good food. He is lazy when it comes down to putting a lunch together and it's just one of those things I don't mind doing for my cutie pie. If I don't feel like doing it I just tell him straight up and he does it for himself. I actually do leave the odd "steamy note". Last time Scott said he was a little nervous cuz he couldn't remember where he put the note!!! It spices things up a little!!

Pen said...

Sorry Jenny, didn't mean to come across as picking on you or thinking it's a silly thing to do. If Hal had to take a lunch i'm sure he'd have to be monitored, lol or his would be full of his not so healthy faves.

xo Pen

Jenny said...

Oh No Pen, I knew you wouldn't Pick on me...Plus If you ever did, I could take it!!!LOL!
My sister is always on my case on why I make Scott a lunch so I'm used to being defensive! The underlying reason why I do it is I can leave scandalous notes the odd time to him and he comes home hot and bothered!!! (Oh wait did I just announce that to the world!! Yikes!!!)

jamie said...

My wife makes my lunch every day. When she was away for 3 weeks I nearly starved......

I love those lunches packed with care each day, as I am sure Scott does.

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