Friday, July 28, 2006

The Simple Truths

I was sitting on the couch a couple of hours ago and my 3 year old called out to me from the basement where he was playing.
"!" he said in a loud and boisterous voice.
"Yes Gavin!" I said a little short.
"Mommy I was sinking..." he said.
"Yes Sweetie!"I replied.
"I was sinking I weally weally wuv you!!" he yelled.
"Oh...Thanks...I love you lots too!"I answered my heart skipping some beats.
"And will you be my Hunny Bunny Baby?" he shouted.
"Oh I'll be your hunny bunny baby!"I replied.
"For always!" he said.
Then he continued to play.
Isn't that the most amazing thing that a 3 year old will take time out to tell his mommy something as precious as that!
Later on in the afternoon him and I were lying on my bed upstairs watching some tv.
"You're pretty!"he said to me smiling.
"Well thanks my darling!"I said feeling like a million bucks.
"Actually more like beaufull(beautiful)!"he said.
"I think Annabelle is pretty too!"he said with a boyish grin and started to giggle.
Annabelle is my friend's daughter and she is 3 as well. Seriously... I hope they're not starting off with this boy/girl thing at the age of three!!!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your children and your loved ones!!
Have a great day!


org junkie said...

Oh isn't that the best. I've found my older two aren't quite as loving like that anymore so it is nice to have a baby in the house again for that reason. Right now I'm getting the wide open mouth kind of drooly kisses from my baby. I'm in heaven!

Chunks said...

I wish my kids were three again!

Tanya said...

He's so sweet Jenny. Thanks for taking the kids yesterday. Sorry I didn't call you later on. I really wasn't myself. I really appreciated it you taking them though. It was very thoughtful of you.

ShariJoy said...

jen.........miss you...feels like i've lost a piece of me we haven't talked in so long...i can't wait to tell kali stories!!! gav is so cute!!!

the therapeutic writer said...

Three is an awesome age. Sam's in a very lovey-dovey stage of life right now and needs to snuggle. We revised the alphabet song to go "T,u, v....snuggle you! x, y and z" Sick, ain't it? LOL

The other day he says "you're a woman right?" "Uh-huh" "Oh good, 'cuz I love womans"

Oh my. He has 2 girlfriends and has picked out someone to marry already! eek!

Crystal said...

I love the stories you tell about your son has done some priceless things lately too....he's 14 and he's learning how to manipulate me very when i am really ticked off at him because he's done something stupid....he just says...."I love you" with this stupid grin on his face and I just can't stay mad for very long. Those moments are just priceless....

Camille said...

awwwwwwwwwwwww sooo sweet.. i want a little boy!!

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