Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Work in Progress

I thought I'd share some of the latest pics of the kitchen. It is a work in progress. It is utter chaos as we speak. I am taking a break from organizing and putting things away. So I thought I'd get some good pre-organized and unpulled together shots of our kitchen. I haven't put up any pictures or such and the built in shelves are empty(except for my Wedgewood clock that I had to show it for a wedding present from a close friend!) I need to get new hardware for the kitchen cabinets...and someday I'd like to get new kitchen cabinets!!! I bought new library pulls for the kitchen drawer a few months ago and now I need to find something to match.
I just realized that the kitchen countertop is looking mighty cluttered...oops! I'm trying to organize as we speak and I honestly don't know why there is a half sucked sucker sitting on the counter top!! Honest to goodness!!!
Anyways the pictures aren't too exciting but I think they are certainly an improvement compared to before. Sorry for the mess, but I'm back working at that in the next couple of minutes. I'll take more in the next few days as I pull everything together.
Have a great evening!


Janelle said...

it's going to look great! i can't wait to see the finished product!

Chunks said...

I love the color!! Now, is the next room over grey? If it is, we have such similar whole house is grey! (Well, except for a few rooms) I have the same kettle, only instead of the brushed look, I went with the stainless steel look. How wildly bizarre!

It looks way better than it did with all that crazy wallpaper! hahah!! Good job, be proud of it!

Tanya said...

Its looking mighty fine there girl!

org junkie said...

The color looks great! Our kitchen totally needs painting as well...I've got a sage color picked out...the paint was bought last summer but its just sat in the basement all this time. Soon you'll be able to sit back and just enjoy!

Jenny said...

Thanks gals.
Chunks, our living room is more of a greenish/brown (sounds ugly but it's not!) colour called cobblestone.
I forgot to mention we are changing the light fixtures!! They are ugly and we are getting new ones!
Scott and I are currently in discussion for the computer room. It's the next room getting painted. He wants a terracotta colour but I don't.....compromise somewhere in between.

ShariJoy said...

Looks good jen.....and done in a timely fashion!! better than us!!

Crystal said...

It looks awesome Jenny.....I love the color

carebear said...

oh my goodness, if you think THAT"S a mess and a sucker on your counter top is the source of your problems?????come to my house and you'd feel alot better!!!

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