Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Water Boy

As I mentioned in the previous post my husband is somewhat obsessed with having his lawn watered!! Seriously, he has issues. He phoned me the other day from work to tell me what time to put the sprinkler on and exactly where he wanted it placed( I could think of a good place for him to stick the sprinkler!!!). He'll disappear for a few minutes during the later afternoon and evenings(because you CANNOT put the sprinkler on during the early afternoon!) and he will be off fiddling with the sprinkler.
"You know if you have it placed Here(to which he points to the area), with this setting, it'll cover this area and keep it nice and wet!" is a famous saying that he says.
"Oh yeah!" is my usual response.
Yesterday he said to me after I responded with "oh yeah": "do you not care about the grass?"
"I'm not Obsessed with the grass!" I answered.
"Well I'm not either...I just like a green grass!"he answered.
So I've nicknamed him "water boy". He just gives me a half smile and half dirty look when I call him that, because he knows he may have a little bit of an obsession with his green,green grass of home!



scribble said...

LOL this is funny!
Thanks for the great laugh.

jamie said...

the problem with green grass is that it grows, and then must be cut. therefore, I personally prefer dried out brown grass.


Lori said...

i too thought it a funny story, every time he has the sprinkler going, just get all the kids and start jumping through it...ahh memories...

Chunks said...

Water boy, hahah! More water = more mowing....yuck. Everyone has obsessions, it could be worse, he might be obsessed with cheese or something. ha!

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