Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I've been inspired by Org Junkie to make a menu plan for the week. This idea has always appealed to me. Scott's Auntie K, has always done this and I think it is a great idea to know what our family will be eating on what night. Plus, it'll limit the rash decision of driving over to KFC when we can't think of something to make.
Last night, feeling rather inspired, I decided to look up some recipes. I didn't realize I actually had as many good recipe books as I have. Some clearly have never been opened! I had everything laid out on the kitchen table and my husband sauntered in (from moving the sprinkler: another post in its own!!) and asked, "whacha doing?"
"Oh I'm looking at recipes?" I answered.
"Oh those are ACTUALLY recipe books, I thought they were just for decoration!" he answered.
"Smart Ass!" I mumbled.
"Seriously....recipes...imagine that?!" he responded.
"I saw that "org junkie" menu plans for the week and thought I'd give it a try!"I answered.
"Org Junkie? Oh... someone who blogs, I suppose?" he asked.
(On Friday I told him that we were also meeting "New Here" and he just gave me that puzzled look. He's used to me using blogger names for people! He should just refer to me as "geek wife!")
"Hmm...we'll see how long this lasts!"he answered.
I just was so miffed at him I shot him the "get outta my face look and don't come back!" So I am inspired by Org Junkie to menu plan. BUT, I am even more inspired to prove my husband wrong!
Just had to rant!
Hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather!


org junkie said...

Men! You show him....once he is eating yummy healthy dinners every night he'll be appreciative...well he better be anyway..LOL. My hubbie can never understand why I love reading my recipe magazines...I love the pictures..hehe. Good luck, I'm excited for you. You can TOTALLY do this!

Tanya said...

You go girl!!

Lucy said...

Good for you sister, thats awesome. Im inspired as well.

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