Saturday, April 22, 2006

Top Ten

Here are ten things in my life that brings pleasure...(no particular order)
-when my husband says I'm pretty (even if it's followed by...eventhough you have 3 zits or resemble a donkey!) it's still heartfelt.
-the laughter of my children(which is relief cuz lately all they've been doing is fighting!) and of my husband who sounds like a hyena when he laughs(it's actually cute!)
-Gavin saying "hey baby are you my hunny?" or "you're gorgeous baby!"
-talking with my friends on the phone (Shari and Tanya)
-enjoying the outdoors...whether it's walking, hiking or fishing, or just hanging in our backyard!
-curling up with my husband and watching a movie
-taking my boys to the park
-seeing Miss Kali Joy, I could just hug and kiss her (she'll grow up and think "oh no here comes that Auntie of mine who just hugs and kisses me!"...I remember thinking that of my Aunt, now I understand why!!)
-meeting new friends(you're awesome Penny!!!)
-hearing the words "I love you" from my husband, children or my friends. Nothing is more dear or precious to me.
It's the simple things in life, as Kenny Chesney would say!
Have a great day!


Janelle said...

mmmmmmm....Kenny Chesney!

Crystal said...

nice list....your 10 seems allot more interesting than mine....

Chunks said...

Nice list! It is always good to reflect on the little things, makes you appreciate your life.

ShariJoy said...

I love my calls to you too!!!and I think Miss Kali like the kisses just as much as you!!!!

Pen said...

I love your list but prefer these Keith Urban lyrics:

We think about tomorrow then it slips away.
Oh, yes, it does.
We talk about forever but we've only got today...

And the days go by...
I can feel 'em flyin'
Like a hand out the window as the cars go by...
Yeah it's all we've been given,
So you better start livin',
You better start livin',
Better start livin' right now!

Tanya said...

Hearing "I love you" from your kids and hubby have to be the best...I agree!

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