Friday, April 14, 2006

Thanks Penny

I stole this from Penny, first thought (or thoughts) that come to mind...
1. I need: to lose weight
2. Sex: oh yeah baby!!
3. Relationships: everyone should be respected
4. Your Last Ex: Erased his memory...
5. Power: turn the lights off they cost money!
6. Marijuana: I'll pass...
7. Crack: a dangerous drug
8. Food: how many points
9. This President: Bush
10. WAR: War, War...What is it good for...
11. Cars: minivans
12. Gas Prices: scary
13. Halloween: pumpkins
14. Bon Jovi: love them
15. Religion: searching
16. BlogSpot: mamaliscious
17. Worst Fear: having my husband leave me
18. Marriage: 9 years
19. Fashion: or out of fashion
20. Brunettes: rock
21. Redheads: is everything red
22. Work: Housework
23: Pass the time: walking, hiking and spending time with my family and friends
24: Football: what's a down?
25: One night Stands: a long time ago...(not proud)
26: Pet Peeve: inconsiderate people, bad manners, facial hair
27: Pixie Stix: huh?
28: Vanilla Ice: Ice, Ice Baby
29: Porta Potties: I'll squat in the bush thank you!!
30: High school: Awesome friends!
31: Pajamas: I've got the oh so comfy and the baby lets get it on pair!
32. Wood: Love wood floors, old antique wood pieces
33. Surfers: blonde hair?
34. Pictures:old family pictures
35. First Love: Scott Edwin Damstrom...everyone before that was just trial and error!


jamie said...

I must disagree with points 20 and 21.

Brunettes: Boring?
Redheads: Rule!


But of course that's only my opinion.

Tanya said...

How many points?...thats our life now...but I'll take it!

Jenny said...

Brunettes boring??? Oh Jamie I beg to husband wishes I was boring!! I think redheads are gorgeous...couldn't quite pull that off though...

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