Thursday, April 06, 2006

Real Life

I met a couple of my blogger buddies today for the first time. It turned out that the one person, I knew growing up! What a small world. It was nice to finally "meet" the one pal who I've been reading about her and her family these past few months. It was very natural and I had a great sense of belonging!
Thanks gals! I hope it's a beginning to a possible friendship.
Had to share my good fortune for the day!


Tanya said...

Thats so great Jenny. Blogging sure does bring opportunities for making more friends. Hope to meet them all sometime too. Talk to you soon.

Christy said...

It was great to meet you "again"! Ha ha! Definatly a small world.I am looking forward to hanging out again soon. And hopefully Tanya can come along sometime too!

Take care!

Tanya said...

I'd love to! Thats so cool that you all got together.

Chunks said...

That is so wild that your real life intersected with your blog life!!! Wouldn't it be cool to meet everyone on your blogroll?!

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