Friday, April 07, 2006

Friendly News

Saturday Night we are hitting the dance floor! Look out Kitimat! Mamaliscious is putting on her boogeying shoes and is ready to cut some rug. Papaliscious is geared up and ready. Scott is such an awesome dancer. We make goofs out of ourselves. The last dance we went to my husband consumed way too much beer and started to slow dance to ACDC (Shook Me All Night Long!) while all of our friends and everyone else laughed and pointed fingers. Shook Me All Night Long was an appropriate song, I was shaking so hard from embarassment and laughter! He still gets teased about this! My whole family loves to dance. The funniest dancer is my father.I will download some video of him doing the "Cape Breton Shuffle" when we get the video camera up and running. (it needs a chip to be replaced...manufacturer defect covered by warranty!) He concentrates and lets his tongue hang out with his mouth wide open accompanied by his oh so adorable beer belly. Then his feet start to shuffle like I've never seen before. It's comical, but cute at the same time. This event always takes place on most family gatherings, as does the singing to every song ever written. We're a lively crew, that's for sure! So tomorrow night should be fun...although...I don't want to get my hopes up. Most of the times these dances turn out to be a "free for all" with too much drinking, but fighting. Hopefully the people are in a friendly mood!!!
I'm having major Shari and Penny withdrawal these days. Since Shari (my best friend)has gone back to work I can't talk to her every day. My husband can never understand this.
"Why do you have to talk to her every morning while you drink your coffee?" he always questions.
"I dunno. Always have...and sorry to tell you, always will!" I respond.
So I think it gives him great pleasure that Shari is back to work and I am able to give my undivided attention towards him.
Through Shari I hear about Penny and her going ons. So I have been having some major withdrawals. Inventing conversations in my head in the morning....(not quite that bad but almost!) Shari phoned this afternoon and when I answered she said,"just had to get my Jenny fix!" That made me feel grrreat! Then of course, I could catch up about Penny, so I felt just wonderful. So how long has it been since I have last talked with Shari....We missed a day in a half...that's a long time for this Mama!
I also got a wonderful email from my other very close friend today. It seems like forever since we've talked, but it's only been 5 days. Hopefully she can make it to the house this week for coffee. I've also been making some new friends along the way. I always like the beginnings of friendships when you learn about a can tell immediately if you click or not. Friendships rock!!
I haven't heard anymore from the "friendly neighbour"next door. Actually she must be a bear. We didn't see her all winter and then spring came and we've seen her every day since. She came out of hibernation. All she does is burn. She burned the whole lawn, and every day (9 am...I'm not exagerating) she lights up her fire and starts chucking things in it. I'm not making too much fun of her...she'll have the manicured lawn. At least my lawn is filled with happiness, laughter, consideration and most important, curious little boys! I've rehearsed my speech in my head for the next confrontation with her (of course there'll be something we'll do wrong):
Mamaliscious: "I have a problem with how you speak to me. Unless you can speak to me in a kind, courteous and respectful manner, I don't want to speak with you. If your problem is urgent write it down and put it in my mailbox. Thank you and have a great day!"
I think this will give her some kind of message...or am I wishfully thinking? I rehearse many speeches in my head. Of course I've rehearsed the Oscar acceptance speech, but I've rehearsed how I would like to say something to someone. The reality is I don't usually follow through. I'm working on being more assertive. I've learned to let most minor annoyances with people go, but some issues eat away with me. I don't like fake people. It generally takes awhile before I realize that people are fake. I get suckered right in! Oh well...that's the beauty of life! Someday I'll be "woman hear me roar!"(Mamaliscious on a rampage...look out!)
Well folks, that's about it for this Mama. I need to get some beauty sleep. Shay's at a sleepover, Josey's home from his and Papaliscious is at his in Kitimat. (a liberal bunch we are!) Scott had a late game tonight and I was supposed to go in, but did not feel like driving in and out. So he's crashing at our friends for the night. I miss both my honeys.
Sweet dreams my loves.
Oh yeah and for all of you, have a great night!


Lucy said...

Hey Jenny

Its Lucy Abreu here. I must tell you that I look forward to your blogs, you are so funny, and its nice to know people have everyday ordeals to deal with such as kids, neighbours and
I love reading your blogs and have started one myself. Whenever I see you in Walmart, I've always wanted to tell you but was a bit embarrest to, but here I am. Thanks for the great humor. The kids and I are moving to Terrace, and Im a bit scared even though its not far from home its still all new. So Im sure I will have some questions for you if you dont mind about Terrace.
Again thanks for good laughs, inspirations and smiles.

ShariJoy said...

Jenny just caught up on your blogs.... too funny!! You'd NEVER sell Scott!! Your neighbour sounds like a ding dong! and I soooooooo miss over phone chats ... might have to bring my cell to work! haha. Glad you are there meeting new friends and just being you... love you to pieces!! got to go to bed now just finished graveyards!! hi Lucy!!

jon said...

I am not easily embarrassed, and almost never feel self-conscious in social situations. . . . except for dancing. It's just not my thing.

Tanya said...

Hope you had a relaxing evening with only two "boys" in the house. Wish my "kids" would all go for sleepovers and give me some peace for a day...wishful thinking.

Have a great time at your dance tonight, I know you will. And I am very interested in seeing your dad do his "shuffle" sometime...I can just imagine. Ha Ha!

And yes, I think the bears are out and about...including your neighbor. They're scary I tell you. Have a great day!

Crystal said...

Sounds like you will have a great time tonight.........maybe you and I should trade neighbors.....mine just told me off ..... I will take care of your neighbor if you take care of mine?
Have a great night out!

Pen said...

So was the dance? I had visions of the Cape Breton shuffle being done to AC/DC's Shook Me All Night Long..not pretty girl, not pretty, lol.

Hope you guys had a wonderful time and aren't hurting too much today.

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