Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ma and Pa at it Again...

I got a phone call the other day from my mom. Immediately I know there's a problem because she doesn't phone in the day without a reason.
"Hi Jen...I don't know how he did it this time, but the TV has some weird colours all over the place!" she stammered.
"Colours?" I sighed knowing damn well that this was probably a big problem.
"Yeah they are waves everywhere...and the letters have really big shadows!" she answered.
"Have you tried the convergence?" I asked.
"No...should I?" she wondered.
"Look it up in the manual and then play around with it a little. Let me know how it goes!" I answered.
I don't know why they think I'm Mrs. Fix It. I have no technological skill with anything electrical. My solution for a problem usually involves, plugging it in and plugging it out. Eventually it'll fix most problems. (worked for my modem yesterday by the by!)
45 minutes later my mom phoned back..."it looks a bit better...actually a lot better. When you come out this weekend you can fine tune it then!" (I wasn't planning on coming out, but I guess this was the hint that I better go for a visit!)
So today I packed up my munchkins and we went to Kitimat. As soon as I got to their apartment I knew there were some big problems.
"It looked worse than this?" I asked my mom.
"Yeah...I think so!" she answered.
"I don't know. My eyes are blurry from the drops the doctor gave me. Is it bad?" my dad asked. (they must be REAL blurry for him to be admitting his eyes are blurry!!)
So I began the task of trying to "converge" the television to its proper settings.
"How did it get so out of hand?" I asked.
"Dad was using the remote and he must have been pressing something he shouldn't have!"my mom answered.
I'll say he was pressing something he shouldn't have. It took five minutes for me to get to the proper screen to start the "converge". I spent 3.5 hours trying to line up a red cross within a white cross to no avail. Finally I conceded. I had enough. I turned off the setup screen and was going to speak when they both proclaimed, "it's almost perfect. Thanks Jenny!"
"Actually it's not even close to being fixed. You guys have to call someone over here to fix this!" I answered.
"This will do for awhile...hey Danna!"my dad cheerfully answered.
I always wondered why they needed a 53 inch TV until that very moment. They probably wouldn't be able to see a regular sized TV, so anything is better than going back to a 32 inch television.
So I have to find someone to go over and fix their TV! OY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~Today they sprung some pretty scary news to dad bought himself a pontoon!!! No shit!!! He is so proud of this little floatation device. I'm not sure how he'll fit in it, but he says it'll be comfortable! All I can think of is look out log jams! (I have many stories of my dad and his rubber dinghy!!) I said to my mom, "why did you let him buy that?"
"He should be okay on you think?"she asked.
"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"I answered.
That's how I spent my day today.
I hope you all had a wonderful day!


Tanya said...

You should have joined us at the beach, it was fun. We watched the tide go out and had a great time finding cool rocks and sticks and the kids both got their boots full of water and got soaked, but hey thats all part of the fun. Take care!

Crystal said...

Sounds like the day that my husband had at my parents house started out as a fix the tap project that turned out to be ripping out tiles and opening and redoing pipes......parent's........aren't they hilarious?

Chunks said...

Your parents sound like a riot! I love your stories about them!

the therapeutic writer said...

Parents (I say, exasperated and shaking my head)

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