Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I Loathe...

I stole this from Tornwordo...
Things I loathe....
-when the alarm clock rings.
-fake people.
-the sound of police sirens.
-the feeling I get when my husband is late getting home from work.
-when my boys are sad.
-being used.
-rude people.
-clearing the van off on a cold winter morning.
-people who make assumptions about me.
-my neighbours eyesore of a backyard(5 junkers of vehicles parked in their backyard!)
-having a hangover (the reason why I seldom drink!)
-wearing braces(it used to be "I love wearing braces, but oh how times have changed!")
-the sound of "hmm..." followed by silence. You always know that something's wrong!
-the word "Fence" (I'll post about this one I's a doozy!)
-seeing myself in a picture!
~That's about all...actually quite a lot to "loathe". Perhaps Mamaliscious isn't so happy after all!!! No way...I still love my life...Husband, Fence and even with all the loathables!!
Have a great night!

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