Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Someday the Next 99

Video Sharing at DropShots.com


Crystal said...

I love this song......Great pictures!

Tanya said...

You always pick the best songs!

That game didn't look too fair, the dark team looked way bigger than Josie's team!!

I hope you have a great, relaxing, enjoyable and safe trip to PG tomorrow!

Katrina said...

Terrific! I love the song, and how cute are all those little hocky players?

Chunks said...

I love the videos you post, what program do you use to make them? I am going to have to try this at home.

Jenny said...

I use Windows Movie Maker. It's super easy and takes just a few minutes to add clips, music etc. Then I use the Drop Shots to share on this blog. I make a lot of videos and Scott laughs cause I add captions and take my movie making seriously! It's fun! Hope you do some to share!

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