Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No Need For Explanations

I haven't been in the mood to blog lately. I'm not sure why. The whole blogging world or "Blogland" has kind of bothered me these days. I haven't felt the need or desire to share much of anything with anyone these days.
I am blessed in my life. I have a healthy family. I have a husband who loves and adores me. I have 3 beautiful and gorgeous boys who I truly adore. I have a beautiful relationship with my friends and family. I am a loving, giving and wonderful person. My family is financially stable and we have a beautiful home to raise our children in. I live my life with certain virtues. I believe in God. I have respect for others. I am not perfect. I am searching within my faith. Some may say that this is not enough. I say it is.
Enough said.... (I have PMS)


ShariJoy said...

Jen... you have all of that and way moredon't ever doubt yourself or feel you need to explain yourself.... you are wonderful and loved for who you are not because of what you believe.. no one has that right to judge you but your maker.hugs and kisses

Jenny said...

Thanks Shari...I don't feel I am being judged.
I was just making supper for the boys and thought, "I am happy in my life and have what I want in my life. When I die and if how I lived my life was questioned and I didn't go to "heaven" would I do things differently? No! I wouldn't trade this life in at all!

Crystal said...

Hey Jenny
You have an awesome outlook....and
I just want you to know that I really feel good that you feel free to share your opinion...God has you in an awesome place, searching for Him. Just remember even though we disagree I really do love ya!

Pen said...

What a wonderful post! You're a wonderful person and i'm so glad you see so many positives. You're a blessing to others as well. Sending you hugs and sunshine thots!

Janelle said...

thanks for being so honest, and it's true - you are sooo blessed - just focus on that!

the therapeutic writer said...

I'm happy that you have such a wonderful life!!! And that you appreciate it.

I have a great marriage, the most amazing child (how did we make this cool kid??); a steady job, dreams, hopes, wishes, great friends, a warm home, and good health. Oh, and a crazy, funny family that keeps me on my toes.

All I need is a dog! LOL

Jenny said...

T: I just had a lightbulb moment yesterday. I was wondering these past few months about faith and felt like I needed to belong to something. But do I if I'm satisfied within my own life? All I need is what I have right now.

Chunks said...

You do belong to something, your life! That is a testament in itself, the fact that you are a loving wife and mother speaks volumes about the kind of woman you are.
I chuckled at the PMS...hmmm where have I heard that story before?

Joy said...

Oh my goodness - I felt the EXACT SAME WAY this weekend! Aunt Rose can really reek havoc, can't she? ;)

A Girl Running said...

Sometimes PMS brings out the inner thinker and makes us appreciate, in a sad way, all we have

it does that to me too

so does wine

I prefer the latter ;)

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