Saturday, March 04, 2006

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

I love my family! Let me just say this before I start to rant! I love my family, but....they're pigs, okay that's not very nice, let me reword that word, they aren't very clean!! My husband thinks he's a clean person, but tidying isn't cleaning. Sure he can make a room like tidy, but look closer and the room still is dirty.
I spent the whole afternoon cleaning. My upstairs bathroom was absolutely revolting! I swear I will be bald by the next 2 years by the amount of hair I am losing. I thought that it would be easy to quickly clean my bedroom, but as I was stripping my bed I noticed that my closet doors were covered with handprints. I quickly surveyed my bedroom and all the windows had handprints over them. The floor appeared to be clean until I looked in the corners and saw the humongous dust/hair bunnies that were scattered throughout. So what I thought would be a quick tidying turned into a full fledged cleaning spree!! Yikes...After 45 minutes I decided I would do the basement and finish off on the main floor. The basement was horrible. There was so much dirt, hair, fingerprints, toothpaste name it, the basement had it. The scary thing is I just cleaned it last Sunday!!!
I am getting tired of how my boys are keeping their bathroom. I rant and rave, and still I walk into their bathroom and the garbage is overflowing and there is toothpaste strewn all over the place!! At least I know they are brushing their teeth.

After 1 hour downstairs I decided to keep going and clean the main floor. Have you ever noticed that things become dirtier as you are cleaning. Why didn't I notice spaghetti stains on the cupboards, or how dirty the cupboard under the sink was??? The kitchen was the hardest place to tackle...I washed cupboards inside and out, cleaned the stove and burners, organized my baskets, washed the walls and the floor!! Then I tackled the living room and dusted and swept. I quickly cleaned the computer room and the main bathroom and vacuumed.
What have I realized besides the fact that we are a real dirty family? I should have bought a smaller house!! Sorry I had to rant...I need to jump in the shower and take the bedding out of the wash. That's a typical Saturday day for me....Here's what I'm thinking "Poor Poor Pitiful Me..."
Have a great day!


Pen said...

Jenny it's okay to have those days. It can be overwhelming at times and seems like you're getting nowhere fast. I swear it would be nice to have a housekeeper at least once a month to come in and do a thorough clean. There's two of us here with a dog and cat and it's daunting, you've got 3 boys added to that and boys are not clean, lol.


jamie said...

My 2 sons and I also work hard to ensure that our house is never truly tidy or clean, (wicked laugh) which is tough, because Mrs. Grumpy can clean and tidy at a frightful pace!!!

We manage to stay ahead of her, most of the time!!


Tanya said...

You go girl! I know what you mean about the more you clean, the more dirty things get. I have days like that too, I'm just going to clean a couple of things and then it turns into a full fledged overhall of the entire house. feel so good afterwards...and then it all goes to pot in a day or two. I hope you have a relaxing evening in your clean house. Put your feet up, watch a movie and chill, you deserve it!

Jenny said...

I made dinner so the kitchen's gone to crap...oh well.
I'd love to relax, but I have to return movies, run to the grocery store...
Oh what fun!!!

Chunks said...

It is that time of year where you start noticing that kind of stuff (dirt) because it is winter and you have nothing better to do! The sun shines in and Voila!

I also live with members of the porcine family...cochons....pigs...all of them! I feel your pain, girl!

ShariJoy said...

Jenny..... least Scott tidies.... having Kali... I haven't had a CLEAN house in FOREVER!!! When your done there I could use your help with my spring cleaning!!!haha

A Girl Running said...

LOL I so know where your coming from!

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